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ID 199420

Christopher Chan


Co-Founder @truefacet • Worked at @bank-of-america-merrill-lynch • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 37008

Ben Huh


Founder @cheezburger, @circa • Studied at @northwestern-university. Allergic to cats.

ID 78792

Wilkins Chung


Founder of @a-thinking-ape

ID 151212

Martin Tobias


Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor, real estate developer, father, surfer. cyclist. Worked at Accenture, Microsoft. Founded Loudeye, Imperium Renewables, Tippr, invested in over 60 startups.

ID 22400

William Guttman


Founder at Carnegie Innovations, powered by Carnegie Mellon. GP at TL Ventures, Saturn Partners, and TNCV. Chairman at Panopto, Acrobatiq, Axioma, Redzone.

ID 22274

T.A. McCann


Founder of @RivalIQ and @gist • Worked at @microsoft, @vulcan-ventures • Studied at @purdue-university • mentor @techstars and @startupweekend

ID 62791

Jay Westerdal


Founder of, sold in 2008.

ID 51787

Edward Yim


President of @blue-moon-ventures. 25+ angel investments in last 5 years. Sat on boards of @cheezburger, @minted and others. Founded and sold multiple companies.

ID 19094

Eric Koester


Co-founder/COO of @main-street-genome; Co-founder of @zaarly; Exec @appature; @startupweekend board; and Startup lawyer @cooley, CPA, Morgan Stanley.

ID 317403

David Eraker


Founder @redfin, @mindsite • Consulted at @microsoft-research • Investor @redfin, @mindsite • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 10780

Mike Davidson


Currently VP of Design @twitter. Formerly Founder & CEO of @newsvine (acquired by @nbc-universal), and Art Director of @espn.

ID 33978

Matt Shobe


Serial entrepreneur (@feedburner sold to @google, @spyonit sold to 724 Solutions). My head is full of zero-billion dollar business ideas.

ID 26750

Phil Gordon


Founder Chatbox, @jawfish-games, @netsys-technologies • Investor @skillshare, @jawfish-games • Former Pro Poker Player/Author/TV Host

ID 106358

John Smart

Cofounder of @prescreen and, Chief Software Architect

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 48668

Neil Patel


Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and @kissmetrics. He has helped corporations such as @amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web.

ID 102143

David Zhao


Founder @voxel @ZumoDrive (acquired by Motorola) • Investor @boatbound @sendhub @sinolending @freak-n-genius @cashbet

ID 1917

Dan Shapiro


Chief Turtle Officer at Robot Turtles. CEO & Founder of @sparkbuy (sold to @google) and @ontela (now @photobucket).

ID 94631

Jesse Robbins


Founder of @onbeep a wearable startup in SF. Founded @chef-2, & VelocityConf • Investor @pagerduty, @fastly • Advisor @circleci • Firefighter/EMT

ID 131068

Ray Ozzie



ID 297360

Rich Barton

ID 7277

Peter Boctor


CTO & Co-founder @skedadel

ID 436719

Jens Molbak


CEO and Founder of Coinstar, now Outerwall. Nasdaq OUTR. Eco-ATM Director and investor. KeyMe Director and investor. Space Needle Director. Chihuly Gardens and Glass Director. Stanford GSB '90. Yale '84. Morgan Stanley

ID 19057

Neal Hansch


Founder @webassist • Worked at @meltwater-foundation-mest @rustic-canyon-partners, @webmethods • Studied at @duke-university

ID 33878

Sanjay Parthasarathy


Entrepreneur and investor. Founder and CEO of indix.

ID 87190

C.Y. Lee


Cofounder @xdjs. PM on photo, game, shopping, productivity products @amazon, @smilebox, @realnetworks, @microsoft. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology 4B/6-3

ID 402202

Paul Midgen

CEO of Message Bus. Founder @angry-man-eats. Worked at @hotmail, @microsoft.

ID 3153

Andrew Rebele


Founder @pure-watercraft, Grokhome hacker houses. Founded CityAuction, sold IACI 1999. Biz dev Webvan, General Magic. MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA 95

ID 134672

Kevin Merritt

President & CEO of Socrata

ID 38596

Adam Rogas


Founder / COO @load (SaaS/asp), CTO @vegas-com (sold to Greenspun Media Group), CIO CityQuick (@la-com,, Adviser London Board Of Tourism

ID 624

Robert Kapela


Robert is a serial entrepreneur and active Angel investor. Recent investments; @starsightings, @connect-me, Valant Medical, Revel, @nfluence, etc..

ID 164062

Joe Lawandus

Founder/CEO of @funtini. Strong general management, strategy, marketing and brand experience with Disney, Cranium and @hasbro. Founder/CEO of @smith-tinker.

ID 41422

Srini Raghavan


Angel investor & social entrepreneur, founded tech startups, now run @skype service @microsoft. Strong engineering, Ops & business background.

ID 52854

Jim Tisch

CEO of @iq-technologies - Scalable social media platform & components for businesses. 20 plus years providing solutions for the enterprise, .com, & mobile.

ID 97762

Felix Anthony


Was Vice President, Kindle Software, Product Management, UI and Digital Platform for mp3 and video. Technology VP in @amazon Ordering, Operations and Logistics.

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 91800

todd sawicki


online startup geek currently President of Zemanta

ID 19689

Michael Kim


CEO & Founder of Habit Design™ & Kim Advisory Capital. Co-Founder & Director of Microsoft New Consumer Products Studio & XBox LIVE. Harvard, Yale.

ID 382408

Erick Watson


Aligning Products with Markets for outstanding Results

ID 210063

Spencer Rascoff


CEO of Zillow; father of three; husband of one; real estate junkie

ID 27405

Daryn Nakhuda


15 years of tech roles at startups, currently at AmazonLocal. Co-founder of @eyejot. Investor in @teachstreet, @willcall, @belle-clementine, 500 Startups (fund)

ID 7859

Giri Sreenivas


Founder @mobilisafe, acquired by @rapid7 • Now VP/GM for Mobile @rapid7 • Worked at @lockheed-martin, @t-mobile • Studied at @stanford-university, @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 24505

Matthew Shampine


Currently: VP of Business Development and Marketing at WeWork.

ID 59641

Bassam Saliba


Experienced entrepreneur with over 22 years in the computer industry, founding and running startups & building large-scale, complex, mission-critical systems

ID 71101

Pejman Pour-Moezzi

Co-founder of @cody. 1st startup (@magoosh) funded and profitable. Product (@bing), business (@deloitte-consulting), + technical (@ruby). @university-of-california-berkeley @haas-school-of-business MBA.

ID 10011

David McLauchlan


CEO of @buddy - before that: over a decade at Microsoft, a stint at PricewaterhouseCoopers and formerly a professional pianist in Australia. Yes, really.

ID 151332

Jesse Proudman

Founder and CEO of @blue-box. Graduated from the Business Leadership Program at @university-of-puget-sound. Building tomorrow's technology today.

ID 29291

Todd Hooper

Founder and executive at multiple startups including @zipline-games @watchguard Technologies, @trillium-lane-labs and @napera-networks.

ID 59716

Erik Kjell Bergsagel


I design software with pen, paper and lists. Co-Founder,

ID 334

Joel Espelien


Worked at @cooley, @packetvideo • Investor @bizeebee, @balance • Studied at @duke-university, @saint-olaf-college

ID 91081

Natalia Burina

Co-Founder @parable 500 Startups mentor Previously Co-Founder at @flockish (sold to @stubhub!). Group Product Manager @ebay and PM @microsoft

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid-1 Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 33191

Leo Chen

Co-founder, CEO @monogram. Two-time entrepreneur. 500 Startups Alum. Former PM @ and (China).

ID 44979

Marcelo Calbucci

Co-founder & CTO at @everymove.

ID 36605

Buster Benson

Co-founder/CTO at Habit Labs/Health Month. Co-founder Robot Co-op (sold to @amazon). Creator of Locavore (sold to Local Dirt/Hevva). Creator of

ID 10930

Kushal Chakrabarti

Founder, @vittana (Khosla, Google-backed). Advisor, @experiment, @benetech. Former @amazon, @university-of-california-berkeley. 2x Ironman, 2x TED speaker.

ID 656

Tony Wright

Current: just finished a 9 month travel sabbatical. Previous: @cubeduel (went viral, sold 2011) & @rescuetime (YC, @true-ventures, profitable).

ID 17495

Srinivas Penumaka

President of ReadyPulse. Strong business planning, product marketing, and channel marketing expertise. Worked at @microsoft and Genesys. @santa-clara-university MBA 2000.

ID 37664

John Clark


Founder @toll-free-cellular (Trinity, Oak, CrossPoint, Brentwood, Goldman Sachs), VP @ @xypoint (sold to TCS), CEO @ @v2green (sold to @gridpoint).

ID 106510

Brian Ma


CoFounder at (acquired by Ebay) - shopping with no regrets. Previously: @zillow, @microsoft, UW. My Blog:

ID 138232

Adi Bittan

CEO OwnerListens: Before You Yelp, Let The Owner Help Mentor @sgblank's Lean Launchpad Class & @upwest-labs Worked @clarium, @google & @idf Stanford MBA

ID 224497

John Pollard

Founder @sprio, @jott • Worked at @microsoft, @expedia • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @kenyon-college

ID 182524

Bradford Stephens

Founder and CEO of @drawn-to-scale, a distributed database company. Deep enterprise tech and open source love. Did SQL Server @microsoft, OSCON @o-reilly-media.

ID 18478

Aaron Bird


Former Microsoftie, MBA, CS grad. CEO of Bizible, helping marketers make better decisions.

ID 362585

Jon McKay

Co-founder of Technical Machine, 1st startup out of school. Majored in computing at Olin College. Interned at Hangtime, Microsoft, and Pico-Digital.

ID 3410

Ruchit Garg

Founder CEO @9slides, Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Ex-Microsoft PM, Over a decade building scalable internet solutions, Masters in Computers.

ID 8738

John Wehr

As CTO of HiiDef I launched (now 1MM users) and (Business Insider Top Startup of 2011). Now at Tred changing the way people buy cars.

ID 112987

Cap Watkins

Former Lead Designer at @formspring and @zoosk. Draws pretty pictures on the Internet all day.

ID 64765

Philip Lee


CEO of Healtho. Founded and sold @buzzlabs to IAC. Worked at Microsoft, Audience Science. UW CS + Econ

ID 108003

Riccardo Donadon

CEO & Founder of @h-farm-ventures, Italian Venture Incubator in beautiful Venice :)

ID 97995

Grant Feek

Co-Founder and CEO (Tred); previously in private equity and automotives (PCCP/Lehman Brothers, Lowe Enterprises, BMW); MBA (@harvard-business-school).

ID 10540

Trevin Chow


Director of Experience at Microsoft Store, Co-founder of Chewsy

ID 434033

Gabriele Gresta


Gabriele Gresta is a world-renowned speaker and considered an expert in digital media and associated technologies, Participative Tv and Finance

ID 169122

Neil Kumar


Formerly VP Engineering at @yelp

ID 10761

Brent Brookler


Mobile technology entrepreneur since 2000. Living in Seattle and NYC.

ID 133770

Tom Leung


CEO of @yabbly. Formerly at @google, @harvard-business-school , @microsoft, KPCB Startup, and @marchex.

ID 92836

Andrew Dumont

EIR @betaworks. Previously ran BD at @moz and @seesmic. Forbes 30 under 30.

ID 270330

Adam Berlinsky-Schine

Worked at @amazon, @yelp, @CoffeeMBagel @cornell-university

ID 76573

John Wantz

CEO | Founder @

ID 57095

Tom Callaghan


Co-founded M3 (TSE:2413). Created world's most successful pharma-to-physician online marketing channel. Transformed $2M startup capital into $1B market cap.

ID 8971

Ajay Mehta

Cofounder of @familyleaf (YC W12). Left @stern-school-of-business. 19 years old. Worked at @zillow, @gawker.

ID 28140

Leigh Fatzinger


Software and technology M&A and fundraising advisory for mid-market investment bank Desilva+Phillips. Previously founder & CEO of Nology Media and Prosodic.

ID 64417

Shlomi Atar

Pixel-perfect ninja. Co-founder of @smore. Addicted to making stuff faster and smoother. Lives and breathes the web.

ID 45110

Russell Benaroya


CEO and Co-Founder of @everymove; Healthcare start-up; Worked at Overture, @salomon-smith-barney, @kline-hawkes VC; @university-of-california-los-angeles MBA

ID 377235

Steve Mohebi


Co-founder, Smithfield Medical Director of Sales & B.D., BetaSphere Founder, Caspian Partners, LLC Studied @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 2579

Nat Brown


@harvard-university CS, @microsoft, COM/OLE, xBox founder, startups, Rails and Facebook Apps as CTO of @ilike, @rel8tion founder, @ios-app-development, @mobile-2.

ID 108116

Sean Muller

Experienced entrepreneur w/solid track record. COO MediaNet, CTO Demand Media, CTO eNom and CEO Wedding Tracker. Two acquisitions, one IPO & one turnaround.

ID 28271

Devin Miller

Chief Strategy Officer at TaxACT. CEO at @balance Financial. Head of Product at @finsphere. Focus on product development for SaaS and FinTech.

ID 55645

Nick Soman

Founder & CEO of Reveal. Former Amazon Kindle PM. Stanford English, Harvard MBA.

ID 219822

Brent Poole


CEO of Mindbloom, Nearly 25 years of finance & operations experience with early-stage, high-growth companies. Worked at, Ernst & Young, Stripes Group Strategic Advisor. BS Accounting, NC State.

ID 112011

Steve Krenzel

Co-founder at @thinkfuse

ID 25192

David Albrecht

Crittercism, previous @wishery CTO/Co-Founder (AngelPad S11). @microsoft, founder @prefiat-llc: security, arch, cloud computing consultancy. MS ECE UIllinois.

ID 64413

Gilad Avidan

Co-founder, CEO at @smore (@techstars Seattle 2011)

ID 82305

Joseph Woo

Founder @learnsprout. Previously at @microsoft, @nokia and @expedia

ID 168223

Ty Frackiewicz

C3PO, Co-Founder @onthego-platforms • Studied at @montana-state-university University Technology is my life!

ID 50957

Dwayne Mercredi

Entrepreneur and Development Leader

ID 38025

Paul Shustak


CEO GroupDragon, Co-Founder @KORwater. Alum @microsoft, @sony, @adobe. @IUKelleyMBA, @itp_nyu

ID 621

David Jennings


CEO/Founder @evenues, @yodio • 15yr vet @microsoft, @ibm.

ID 43793

Anthony Wu

Founder @learnsprout • Worked at @google, @youtube • Studied Computer Engineering at University of Washington

ID 118628

Kyle Kesterson

CEO of @freak-n-genius • 2x TechStars Alum • TEDxSeattle speaker 2013 • Seattle 2.0's Best Startup Designer 2011 • Startup Weekend Facilitator

ID 82306

Kelly Eidson

Co-Founder, Head of Product at @moveline w/ background in Consumer Behavior + UX. Strategist in ad agencies in previous life. MA/BS in Advertising UT Austin.

ID 113340

Richard Luck

CTO at @reveal. Developed software for Clearwire, @amazon and numerous other Seattle startups.

ID 165747

Marc Barros

Co-founded @moment, @hardware-workshop, and @contour. I love building products and companies.

ID 209612

Will O'Brien


CEO @bitgo, a leader in Bitcoin security. Seasoned technology executive.

ID 151202

Bradley Buda

Founder Meldium | Early full-stack engineer at @tracksimple | Former lead engineer on AWS CloudWatch | BS, MS in CS at University of Michigan

ID 42872

Scott Blomquist

@puzzazz Eng Director. Former CTO of Vidoop, a security startup, captain of engineering leads at Cooliris, founding developer of Bing Multimedia Search team.

ID 104026

Michael Taus


VP Marketing @abodo. Founder + advisor @crowdstreet @cinephiled @founderspad @aquo Aspiring polymath. Ciderist. Hiker. Skier. Diver. Husband + dad.

ID 274735

Matt Cholerton

Spends his time advising startups and matching talented folks with companies that need (and reward) them.

ID 37596

Dave Chase

@avado acquired by WebMD (October 2013).Thanks to AngelList for connecting us with great investors! Great outcome for all.

ID 108722

Adam MacBeth

Mobile, device, cloud software. Founded @mergelab. Worked at @jawbone, Symform, PortalPlayer (NVIDIA), Open Interface (Qualcomm).

ID 166874

Bernard Mangold

CTO at Addion, building the "easy" button for on-line advertising. Founder at Incubation Partners creating SaaS platforms for enterprise innovation management.

ID 223835

Sandi Lin

CEO & Co-Founder of @skilljar. Former PM @amazon, @stanford-graduate-school-of-business '09, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology-1 '03.

ID 358401

David Spitzler 

Biz dev exec, 20 years experience in start ups. Co-founded web tools company, sold to Adobe. Worked at NeXT for 5 years. Joined 3 other early stage companies.

ID 23346

Virl Hill


Decades of experience building media businesses and strategic partnerships at Disney, @realnetworks, @rhapsody, Blade Games World and

ID 80222

Allan Carroll

Founder & CTO: @hangtime-1 , @familylink, @piick • Worked at @tabula, @microsoft-research • CS at @university-of-washington, @brigham-young-university

ID 4766

Dave Parker


VP Product at UP Global, Tech Entrepreneur, Board Member, former EIR. Sales & Marketing tech background

ID 38891

Matt Terich


Founder @diystro, acquired in 2011. Designer, hacker, maker, eccentric. UI Design and Development.

ID 87073

Jeremy Irish


President and Co-Founder, @groundspeak, Inc.

ID 44583

Ed Fassio

CEO of Itchy Metal Entertainment, a global entertainment company. Tech Veteran, Entrepreneur, Social Media & Music Enthusiast. Worked @ @apple, @microsoft & Adobe

ID 134407

Michael Baum

President/CEO of Exo Labs

ID 251358

Sergey Zavadski

software engineer , architect, hacker and entrepreneur

ID 17220

Daniel Todd

CEO of Affinity.IS, Co-founded Zango reached $80M in annual revenue in 5 years placing #7 on INC 500 fastest growing companies. Techstars Mentor.

ID 165676

Chris Vander Mey

Author of O'Reilly book "Shipping Greatness" • Shipped Hangouts, Apps, Chrome at @google, Machine Learning @amazon • MEM, @dartmouth-college • First startup in '95

ID 196604

Kim Manis

I love great design, cooking and coming up with crazy business ideas.

ID 96140

Cameron Tangney


Founder Vantage Sports • Started at @google. C.S./Business at @university-of-washington.

ID 57490

Ian Sefferman

Co-founder / CEO at @mobiledevhq. Operate @mobiledevhq, iPhoneDevSDK, and AppStoreHQ. Previously an engineer at UChicago Comp Sci.

ID 43806

Zach Verdin

CEO at The @newhive. Urban Design/Sociology. I design spaces for people to connect.!

ID 153480

Rahul Sood


Founded @voodoopc-1 while in high school, sold to HP in 2006, build a luxury brand from a commodity ... love investing, helping startups -- I run @bing-fund

ID 10258

Beau Gunderson

Developer at @practice-fusion interested in social change and the Quantified Self.

ID 423356

Brian Ma


Founder @weave, @decide-2 • Worked at @zillow, @microsoft • Double majored CS/EE at @university-of-washington

ID 65719

Debra Griffith

Team member of @balance Financial.

ID 96009

Tom Lianza

CTO at Ador

ID 43380

Ryan Stoner

Seasoned marketing, operations and strategy-focused biz dev exec @publicis-groupe, Previously @switchcam & @mopix - @500-startups-2012

ID 2977

James Lu

ID 25119

Daron Akira Hall

CPO @tapastic. Formerly cofounder and designer of Wander and YongoPal. 500Strong.

ID 139151

Rahul Singh

Founder @distelli • Worked at @amazon, @aws • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 4972

Bernd Petak

Consultant. Investment Professional. Advisor. Mentor. Opportunities Evaluated, Innovation Managed, Problems Solved, Ideas Developed Into Businesses.

ID 316744

Saurabh Nangia

Founder TargetingMantra • Strong tech background • Machine Learning & Big Data enthusiast • MS at UIUC • BTech at IIT Guwahati • ex-Amazonian • 500Startups

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 32543

Jacob Colker


User-centered design & product innovation. Cofounded Hub Seattle & /Johns Hopkins University

ID 118984

Nicholas Livingston

Co-Founder & CEO @honeit, Director of Global Recruiting @tubemogul, MBA @BerkeleyHass, Former Director of Talent Acquisition @mtv Networks / @viacom #HRTech

ID 7833

Ryan Waliany


Founder @kitchenbowl • Investor @dealflicks • Studied at @berkeley, @CMU

ID 123501

Cara Bucciferro

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at @new-hive. Design, information architecture, UI, UX, graphics. Founder of Culture Designs, worked at @microsoft , Coach, CorchiaWolinerRhoda, TransWorld.

ID 39885

Maya Bisineer

Founder, @memetales. Founder @doodleadoodle, Trendspace. MS Electrical Engineering - Ohio State, MBA - Fisher COB.

ID 6294

Chris Rodde

Team member of @seniorhomes.

ID 156363

Jeff Thorne

Worked at @ooyala, @vmware • Studied at University of Washington

ID 60582

Jim Bricker

Founder @order-mapper-1 • Worked at @microsoft,• Studied at University of Washington, @colorado-school-of-mines

ID 45203

Andy Boyer


Co-Founder of @relaborate, a Content Creation Platform. Teach Entre Mktg in MBA Program at @university-of-washington Foster School of Business.

ID 42546

Evan Jacobs

Founder @authorgraph • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 9849

David Geller


Founder & CEO of Spryly. Founded Eyejot. Founded WhatCounts; sold it (8-figure deal) in 2010. Passionate technologist & entrepreneur. Volunteer firefighter/EMT.

ID 148115

Jennifer Toda

@scoutzie, @y-combinator, @oxford, @CMU

ID 42701

Michael Saffitz

CTO & Founder @apptentive • Worked at @microsoft as Program Manager for Windows Phone Developer Experience • @university-of-washington MBA, @pomona-college CS & Econ

ID 140599

Korwin Smith

Senior Manager at • Developer at,, @realnetworks • Computer Science degree from @western-washington-university University

ID 138124

Tristan Burch

Founder 1Record, Lead platform engineer at Mobiplug Networks. Previously helped build and Farecast (acquired by Microsoft - now Bing Travel).

ID 29252

Greg Martin

Founder of MSquared Properties & Liquify Digital - devs of the @mynd Entertainment Genome. 3x startup founder - @scout-media (acquired by Fox Interactive).

ID 24538

Robert Pease


CMO, Entrepreneur, fmr VP @salesfusion, CEO @loopfuse (sold to @salesfusion), founder @nearstream (merged with @loopfuse), VP at @gist (sold to Blackberry)

ID 88736

Adrian Pike

Co-Founder of @stride (Acquired, 2013). Software polyglot. Lover of all clever hacks.

ID 2541

Ron Wiener


7-time startup CEO. Angel investor.

ID 268792

Samiur Rahman

Founder @jobsuitors • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @the-cooper-union-for-the-advancement-of-science-art

ID 47700

Michael Fountain

Michael Fountain helps Entrepreneurs and Experts Design, Build, Deploy, & Market Software Solutions and Information Products online.

ID 293377

Keith Harper

Narcoleptic designer + entrepreneur. Cofounded @trubalance @well-crafted @the-mill-1. Worked at @handshake / @inkd / @imagekind.

ID 200936

John Shi

Founder @hillflint • Worked at @amazon, @bridgewater-associates • Studied at @dartmouth-college, @beijing-normal-university

ID 138097

Daniel Philp

Repeat entrepreneur looking to fill a hole in the outdoor gear market. Ice/Sport/Trad Climber, Backpacker, Mountaineer, Tele Skier, Sailor, Surfer, Cyclist.

ID 43431

Coleman Greene

ceo/co-founder of @sqord . worked five years in financial services in sales and management. caught startup bug founding Dore Duds. studied at @vanderbilt-university, @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill

ID 87322

Daniel Kornev

Founder of @zet-universe (NUI + Big Data Analytics enabling IW productivity) • Worked at @microsoft, @google • MS in CS (2008).

ID 41550

Josh Petersen

Co-Founder/CEO at @43things-com (

ID 148803

CJ Allen

Sr. Biz Dev @amazon; Co-founder of @amOrganics; Founder of @MastersRank; Board of Directors for @ccrcla; W.P. Carey (ASU) MBA.

ID 92588

Andrew Pope

CTO and founder of @Viableware.

ID 159614

Andrew Wooster

Founder @apptentive • Worked at @apple, @tellme Networks • Studied at @pomona-college

ID 218076

Allen Chen

Founder @cloudpress (acquired by News Corp) • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 19944

Ashley Raiteri


Technical Advisor on Scalability, Data Science, Product and Funding

ID 148681

Roderick Campbell

Co-founder of CommitChange. Graduate of @evergreen-state-college, world traveler, and bridging the gaps between technology and humanity.

ID 79536

Koji Intlekofer

Director of Engineering @Shift-Labs, Y Combinator alum, former COO of @viacycle. MS In Mechanical Engineering from @georgia-institute-of-technology. Worked @philips.

ID 147510

Fayez Mohamood

Founder TriggerMail • Worked at @bigdoor, @amd • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 132362

Paul Vazquez

Research Scientist at Amazon. Founded 3 companies. Interests in forecasting, machine learning, datamining, optimization, etc.

ID 92921

Stephen Purpura

CEO/CTO @context-relevant. Co-founded from a decade of Big Data analytic work. PhD ABD from @cornell-university.

ID 241321

Bobby Mathews

Founder @cloudpress • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 69126

Todd Schwartz

Founder @skykick • Worked at @microsoft, @accenture • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 359500

Tony Shahbazian

Founder Smart Layover

ID 109409

Bryan Shepard


CEO/Co-founder of @sweepio . Start-up Guy, three startups, two successful exits, one IPO. Dad of 2, husband of 1.

ID 128547

Robbie Johnson

Founder of @olympic-outdoorsman; Wheeler-and-dealer; Worked at @tesla-motors and @amazon

ID 112275

Omri Mor

Founder ZIIBRA • Studied at @university-of-washington // @upstart First Batch

ID 157855

Eric Butler

Software developer, troublemaker.

ID 87390

Orion Burt

Co-founder at Fondu and recommender engine dev turned Marketing Director. @new-york-university Stern, Accounting & Computer Science.

ID 123753

Atul Alatkar

Co-Founder & CTO

ID 228992

Yaniv P


Worked at @microsoft, @amazon • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 228533

Brad Hefta-Gaub


Punk turned Developer turned CTO turned CEO turned Advisor turned Investor turned Punk... rinse and repeat. Life is about learning daily and loving what you do.

ID 63694

Kelly Kampen


Biz Dev @oozou, Founder at @dojothreads, @jajoop & @startup-watches Love Growth Hacking & online to offline models.

ID 464309

Cuong Le

Studied at @macalester-college

ID 62700

Darien Brown

Co-Founder and CEO at @days-by-wander

ID 96067

Alex Kilpatrick

Co-Founder & CTO at BeehiveID. PhD Computer Scientist, working in biometrics & machine learning

ID 138303

James Hotson

Hustling @retention-science, co-founder @TWEAKFootwear, founder @CentoWallets, studied @university-of-southern-california

ID 38400

Craig Tadlock

Hands-on technology entrepreneur with 17+ years experience building technology products and companies. Founder of GoToTags.

ID 275815

Joseph Sunga

Worked at @amazon, @teachstreet • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 142877

Victor Lam

General Manager of EZTABLE Hong Kong, CTO of @codementor • Creator of @ResumeTracker • Senior Software Engineer of @jiepang • Chief Developer of @nuandao

ID 170232

Jay Goyal

CEO of @actively-learn. Prior experience: @microsoft, @ebay, microfinance, TSA, and web startup. @harvard-business-school MBA 2007. Expertise: product mgmt, strategy, BD.

ID 131085

John Scrofano

Founder, CEO @onewed-formerly-nearlyweds, Inc. / Previously helped build 3Gupload to $10mm in sales in 3 years.

ID 104093

Aaron Brethorst

Co-founder of @mannequin. Creator of @cocoa-controls.

ID 74084

Gary Glass


@xensource @homestead-technologies @objectrocket Founder @crewtrader @glass-group-advisers Member @house-of-genius. Angel Investor. VC Scout. Startup Adviser.

ID 12434

Scott McLeod

Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur

ID 95783

Max Ciccotosto

ID 207377

Daniel Jacobs

CEO Placebo Effect. Eight years leading philanthropic tech orgs. Relationship builder. One exit. Media magnet. BA Williams College.

ID 8352

Benjamin J. Gilbert

Co-founder, Madrona Labs. Previously Microsoft Garage, Office for iPad. Startup Weekend Global Facilitator. Creator of SeizeTheDay and Zero for iPhone.

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 22871

Gordon Hempton

Ex-Microsoft. YC Alum S'08. Independent App Developer. Founder @grouptalent.

ID 331470

jason warren

Roam & Wander CEO. 3rd startup. Dartmouth. Led cloud services division at HTC, reporting to CEO. Rose through product into M&A at Microsoft, Motorola.

ID 422784

Jordan Timmermann

Founder & CTO of @wire • Lead engineer at @amazon • CS at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 57669

Brock Holzer


ID 67273

Deepak Kumar

Founder FlexMinder

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 348630

David Miller

Founded West Virginia Illustrated and Sportcut.

ID 87513

Paul Ingalls

Co-Founder/CEO of @fanzo. Previously Co-Founder/CTO of @smilebox, and before that built RealArcade, the first App Store. B.S. C.S. Notre Dame, Summa Cum Laude

ID 35625

Sid Upadhyay

Co-Founder & CTO at @hoot-me. @dreamit-ventures Summer Class of 2011. @university-of-texas-austin Stats Grad.

ID 136579

Dimitri Dadiomov

Entrepreneur in Residence at @foundation-capital • Previously at @better-place, Intellectual Ventures/TerraPower • BS & BA from @stanford-university

ID 97640

Leif Baradoy

Founder @kiind || Worked at @metalab,, & Schneider Electric. || Former pro triathlete.

ID 1898

Anup Chathoth

CEO and Co-founder of @ubi-interactive. Ex-Vodafone, Ex-Siemens, Ex-Aricent. Schooling in TU Munich, CDTM, Munich, Columbia Business School, NY.

ID 97140

Montana Low

Founder at @tomo

ID 436284

Hermann C.


CEO of UserNest. Serial entrepreneur & angel investor. Formerly at Xerox PARC and GE. Wharton MBA and lifelong software nerd, wrote my own OS at age 12.

ID 205373

Nick Scott

Co-Founder @eduongo

ID 198547

Piragash Velummylum


Founder & CEO of @wire (TechStars Seattle 2013). @university-of-waterloo Computer Engineering. prev: Technology leader @amazon; founded Amazon CloudDrive

ID 84922

Robert Banagale

Founder @gliph • Worked at @bermind, @mentor-graphics • Studied at @babson-college, @oregon-state-university

ID 77045

Kori Handy


Mobile Product Designer • Currently Lead Mobile Designer @paypal, Founder @mymentor previously at @quietly ,@microsoft, @expedia and many others.

ID 110946

Nicholas Pigott


Entrepreneur, Seattle-Boston-San Francisco

ID 181665

Shawn Burke

CTO @buddy • Worked at @microsoft - Engineering & Engineering Mgmt • CS and Business @university-of-washington • 9-time Ironman

ID 282995

Matthew Carlson

Co-founder and CEO @touchmail. Worked @microsoft on HealthVault, search, messaging and @email with Hotmail.

ID 114301

Steve Banfield

Worked at @realnetworks, @microsoft • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @transylvania-university

ID 167368

Carina Holtby

Sr Social Media Manager @tagboard (The Hashtag Hub).

ID 133688

Justin Williams

Co-Founder & CEO @ @techstars graduate. Generated millions of dollars in sales for startups before. On my way with now.

ID 579476

Phillip Kast

Write and publish iOS apps and other mobile/web projects. Formerly YC (W07), first engineer at Urbanspoon.

ID 7125

Ryan Morel


Mobile, advertising, apps.

ID 30620

Anthony Carroll

Co-founder + CTO, @spotsi. Spend my time with @project-529. Spent last decade in startups.

ID 63510

Adam Lieb

Founder @duxter, • 100 under 30 by White House • First hit @16 @university-of-washington

ID 164094

Courtney Titus

Customer Marketing Manager @

ID 115160

Chris Roth


ID 668062

Geoffrey Grauer


Founded inode technology (sold), Founded Pontiflex, Founded Crossboard Moble, Founded HAUS, Founded MiKiJio Arts (sold), Senior Engineer/Manager @ Amazon

ID 12565

Dave Hanley

Founder, @banyan-branch

ID 97138

Lori Sloan

Outreach [email protected] Films | Director of Communications @openlabel | 13 yrs @microsoft: project/prog.mgt, web mgt, localization, marketing, writing/editing

ID 201191

Preston Reed

Founder Footmarks

ID 39553

Mike Fingado

Founder @mowdo • Worked at @tred • B.S. & M.S. Economics & Sport Management at @FSU • Former D1 Athlete at Florida State

ID 198041

Ludovic ULRICH

French I can pronounce/spell Entrepreneur properly. Startups @salesforce ☁ @startupweekend fan & xMSFT - Gastro-aholic, gadget-junkie & ski bum.

ID 46615

Adina Mangubat

Founder @spiral-genetics, Dragon Curve • Early employee @distributed-energy-management, @lagotek • Psychology and Entrepreneurship at @university-of-washington

ID 95370

Kiley Williams

Co-Founder @thyme • Worked at @microsoft, @isoftstone • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university,@stanford-university

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks. Founding Team, Growth Hacker @Tatcha Beauty. Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents & @bittybcosmetics.

ID 7865

Bryan Starbuck

VP of Engineering and owner, GeekHQ, Inc. Serial entrepreneur with a former exist. Former CEO & Founder. Strong technical and business background.

ID 64336

Sam Teplitsky

15 Year Product Development/Distribution Specialist for companies like Motorola, MTV, @facebook, Universal Music, MLB, and @microsoft

ID 286572

Eric Voskuil


Founded @beyondtrust and @desktopstandard (sold to @microsoft), Microsoft Princial Architect, US Navy F/18 pilot and Top Gun graduate, @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 252108

Sanjay Puri

ID 124778

Drew Inglis

I work at @heap. Formerly of @carnegie-mellon-university and @facebook.

ID 142023

Burton Miller

CEO/Founder @roost-by-notice-software, CTO/UX- Architect @volunteerspot. 20+ years software development & innovation across many platforms and technologies.

ID 100025

Jim Harrer


Founder Mustang Software, @eventmingle. Past President of Starbase, @web-associates, @alchemy-solutions. InvestMentor at @venturebox.

ID 30742

Justin Smith

ID 97601

Dudley Carr


CEO of Trufl. Previously product manager at @google.

ID 36535

Jacques Crocker

Veteran open source ruby hacker. Longtime rails consultant turned entrepreneur.

ID 36351

John Rae-Grant

CEO of Glooey, Founder Zazengo, CTO/Founder of NRG Group (IPO), General Manager Microsoft Developer Network, Lead PM Microsoft Visual C++

ID 35602

Matt Wallaert

@microsoft on @bing, previously founder at @churnless, Lead Scientist at @thrive-acquired-by-lendingtree, behavioral psychologist (focused on behavior change and decision making)

ID 418478

Gary Ebersole


C-level experience at several Silicon Valley startups. Marketing, product development and sales.

ID 18970

Matthew Markus

COO of @ihear-network. Co-Founder @privacybank-com (sold to @infospace). MS Genetic Epidemiology, MEM @washington-university-in-saint-louis.

ID 118542

Kushal Shah

Co-Founder @ofunnel-1 and @giftgiv. @msaccel, @techstars grad. @microsoft and @booth_insider alumni.

ID 137787

Matt Kowalczyk


Former CEO of Leviathan Security Technologies. CEO/Co-Founder of 6 additional startups. Former mgr of TabletPC team at @microsoft. Mobile guy from CMU.

ID 10038

Chris Lynch

CTO of, CTO of SparkRadius, CEO of North by Nine/Thoughtful (acq. ConversIQ), VP Eng. of Daptiv/eProject, Vp Eng xLoom, Microsoft Dev Mgr

ID 26996

Jay Deragon

Founder & CEO at @social-flights 25 + years experience as a Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Advisor.

ID 13316

Jeremy Rusnak


16 years Internet experience. Founded @case-s-ladder (sold to @intermix-media), GM/SVP for 10 years. Co-founded @the-daily-plate in 2005 (sold to @demand-media)

ID 103707

Jason Hausske

Founder One4All • VP (Speakeasy, Exodus, Daptiv, Balihoo, Morse Best Innovation, Atlas Accelerator) • Revenue Growth Expert

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 45655

Brian Erke

CEO/Founder of @gratafy, an experience-based social gifting startup. Wharton MBA, 2011 in Strat. Mgmt. Oaktree Capital, Associate; Credit Suisse, Analyst.

ID 1138

Charlie Walsh

Founder and CEO, @valueappeal, CEO @issi-data (Sold to DataSpan), MS Real Estate Development @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 162354

Denis Kiselev

Founder and CEO @snapswap. Strong business and banking background (WorldBank, Central Bank of Russia) MA in Economics @ohio-state-university

ID 260259

Heidi Yu

Founder @www-pocomaru-com • Studied at @seattle-university

ID 221109

Kevin Yu

Co-founder & CTO of Socedo; worked on SQL Server, BizTalk Server etc. at Microsoft; UW MBA, Bachelor in CS.

ID 292034

Adam Stelle

ID 221813

Steve Gordon

Founded @prism-money • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 10018

Tom Damico

VP Business Development at Playmark. Previously founded @zendorse, worked at @solutionset and @microsoft.

ID 206380

Morgan Giddings

Founder of Piper Gearing up to change personal finance. RIP Receipt. Hello financial fresh air. #digitalreceipt and #receiptsolution

ID 39682

Alvin Mullins

Founder @stagester makes more money for venues and bands on their live performances. @stagester is currently a Founder Institute - Seattle company.

ID 29263

Dan Gerrity


Entrepreneur, board member, investor, advisor. Former CEO Coinstar, Founder/CEO Naverus (now GE Aviation), VP Intellectual Ventures, VP Concur Technologies.

ID 85935

Mark Monroe

Founder @myunfold, CancerSurvivor, with strategic product planning, BizDev and leadership skills. Hustle, Learn, Execute and Dominate is my motto. #CoolKidsClub

ID 72731

Sunit Mohindroo

Co-Founder of @watrhub Inc. Unique Product Dev & Incubation Experience (hardware @ @apple & @microsoft). Systems Design Grad from Waterloo. I remix tech+biz.

ID 332340

Brian Johnson

Founder of a Financial Planning & Wealth Management Practice and Co-founder of @trubalance

ID 133109

Ian Lyman

CEO of Parkt. Founded @sonique (Sold to @lycos). Went to @new-york-university Film. Directed Music Videos. Produced Indie Films. Designed Sonifi App (bought by iZotope).

ID 25324

Alexander Stojanovic


Worked at @oracle-corporation @microsoft, @bea-systems • Studied at @santa-clara-university

ID 228037

Nav Nathoo

Founder @airpost

ID 99393

Wes Carr

CTO of Trufl. Previously Senior Software Eng at @google.

ID 247137

Gavin Smith

Co-Founder & CEO of @ottemo-inc. 2x startup founder. Entrepreneur.

ID 1223

Marc Cantwell

Founder @angelsquare, @copybar • Worked at @citigroup, @mercer-consulitng • Studied at @pomona-college

ID 59445

Tara Gowland

Founder @startup-recroot, startup growth investor • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 47723

AJ Archibald

Principal at Startup Culture. Been involved intimately with Social and Mobile Games for the last 5 years. Strong Biz Dev relationships built over the last 15yrs

ID 42243

Stephen Medawar

Co-Founder of - is a global showcase of local startups.

ID 126370

Walter Smith

20-year developer at @apple (Newton) and @microsoft (Windows, IE, MSN). Now on my second startup, @carezone.

ID 91473

Andrew Vest

Founder of preferling been apart of 3 other start-ups advisor to few I love the art of closing a sale.

ID 240749

Rahul Shendure


CEO & Co-Founder @oscilla-power • Investor @bioiq, @fledge-1 • Worked at @general-electric, @amyris-biotechnologies, @ballard-power-systems • @massachusetts-institute-of-technology ChemE, @harvard-business-school

ID 15204

Ken Tola

CTO of @ip-ghoster Startup focused on providing next generation communication security which will replace VPN.

ID 118856

Steven Wagner

CEO of @dealer-ignition and Dealy, Strong sales and Marketing, Product Development and Architecture. Work @ford-motor-company, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz.

ID 42105

Patrick Murck

General Counsel @bitcoin-foundation

ID 266211

Abigail Carter

Co-Founder, COO @writer-ly • Former Director, Website Production at @audible-com • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 218737

Ben Jackson

CEO of BagsUp. 3rd travel startup, 1 acquired by @travelocity. Background in finance, corporate sales and board management.

ID 45596

Kenny Grant


Founder of @promo, @viral-foundry. Previously: EiR at @fullstackventures

ID 170458

Kelsye Nelson

CEO and Co-founder of @writer-ly

ID 120127

Anish Mehta

Co-Founder of AudioLoves. Worked at @microsoft and @amazon. Winner of Apps for Californians competition.

ID 696305

Jeanine Johnson

ID 8977

Christopher Ross

CEO & Founder of @fotojelly-1. Accomplished technologies with exp. as developer, CTO, sw sales exec and CEO of a small ISV. Founder Institute graduate.

ID 97150

Shane Menchions

Co-Founder, Product Guy, Coder, Former Googler

ID 219634

Stephan Fitch


Founder Juke • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @new-york-university Founder Thinking Pictures. Patent holder (Digital Content and Wearable Video). Digital Rights Mngt, AI and Human Interface

ID 214304

Josiah Tullis

Co-Founder of Canary, Ambassador of Seasteading Institute, CSO of Aqua Terra Planetary Holdings, Licensee at Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies.

ID 370197

Eugene Hsu

I’m an expert in Analytical Marketing and Strategy and I’m also a Hardcore Data Geek & Finance MBA. I've been involved in startups since 2000.

ID 165706

Paul Javid

Co-founder of @cody. Product Manager (@microsoft), Researcher (@microsoft Research). MBA & MPH (@university-of-california-berkeley). BS Computer Science (University of Washington).

ID 195683

Julie Braman

Worked at @microsoft, @avado • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 54463

Joanna Pomykala

Entrepreneur, Ironman triathlete, sr product mgt & marketing at WA & CA tech companies, @harvard-business-school, @stanford-university MS, BS, product design.

ID 80717

Jim Miller

Founder KardioFit • Studied at @linfield-college

ID 108520


Product Specialist. @art-sumo, [email protected]

ID 48355

Adam Gering


Full Stack Entrepreneur

ID 95191

Colin Lamont

CEO and Co-Founder at @relaborate, Inc.

ID 179397

Akshay Java

Founder @percept-labs-acquired-by-google • Worked at @google, @microsoft • Studied at @university-of-maryland-baltimore-county, @university-of-mumbai

ID 18289

Emily Obukowicz

Entrepreneur/Technologist/Futurist/Event Innovator/Philanthropist

ID 38835

Sheraz Malik

Serial Entrepreneur & Co-founder @taumobility & TalismaWorks

ID 35769

Glenn Argenbright

Founder, @mediaplex ($4.5 Billion IPO). 12+ business combinations. CEO, @saflink (took valuation from $8M to $420M). Juris Doctor (USD, @oxford-university University).

ID 15687

Brad Furber

20+ years startup/VC experience in USA, EU and Australia: co-founder; biz dev, advisor, angel, Boards and legal counsel. Duke J.D., M.A.; Univ of Washington

ID 219698

Carl Jackson

Founder of BagsUp. 3rd travel startup, 1 acquired by @travelocity. Background in Product and Business development, corporate sales and commercial.

ID 48190

Neil Cresswell

Currently CTO at a web startup in stealth mode with working prototype. Previous roles include Director of Engineering, (@demand-media,) Chief Engineer, etc.

ID 31822

Paul C. McTaggart

CEO and Co-Founder of @dental-departures. 20 years of business and technology experience (@expedia, @microsoft)

ID 23732

Scott Deutsch

Co-Founder at @wisemind-studios LLC

ID 154685

Yoli Chisholm

Marketing Science Geek @microsoft, TouchMail, @Freshiii, Business Model Junkie, Trendspotter, Lover of #Startups, Passionate about innovation in #Africarising

ID 51873

Tony Mandarano

Currently founding @zamplebox. Creative leader with passion for bringing together biz dev, technology, and design to solve real problems.

ID 142843

Gisli Olafsson

Emergency Response Director - @nethope by day. Advisor to startups, VCs, investors, companies, and governments around the world at other times.

ID 271276

Scott J. Beaudreau

Founder, CTO of @circleci Media. Previously Principal Dev/PM at Microsoft in Bing Semantic Index, Search Incubation, and Search UX. Deep technology+data science.

ID 107492

Jason Dirks

Marketing Director and Co-Founder @mystery-tackle-box

ID 40689

Tom Spoonemore

Co-Founder and CEO of @lacuna-systems. 25-years loving IT and Webops. Cook and maker of music.

ID 136371

Sai Perchard

Partner at notorii. Have previously worked as a product manager, designer, and developer for early-stage startups. Background in law/finance.

ID 49174

Paul Simons

CEO of @ihear-network. Design Thinking for business strategy and creative problem solving. @university-of-washington iSchool MSIM 2011.

ID 16766

Paul Watts

First Officer, @JOLT Labs. @htc. AOL. @wildseed. @microsoft. OneBusAway. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

ID 21661

Javier Luraschi


ID 300262

Arash Shiva


Founder/Product Designer @opencal (acquired by @groupon), @sitemasher (acquired by @salesforce), and @avicy (acquired by Teravendo). Mobile Product Design.

ID 8704

Sean Anderson

@mobdog founder. Database / search architect. Expert sailor and dorado / yellowtail fisherman.

ID 111167

Noam Schafer

Co-Founder of; University of Michigan Ross School of Business MBA; I went from startup to Microsoft, now looking to go back to startup.

ID 33834

Brandon Wu

Founder of @studio-pepwuper. Previously a strategist @sony and a developer @electronic-arts . @university-of-southern-california Marshall MBA, @university-of-california-berkeley alum.

ID 100055

Mark Horoszowski

Co-founder at Auditor turned Marketer turned Social Innovator. Now promoting Experteering - join the movement.

ID 33964

Adam Mustafa

ID 228760

Michael Kurtzman

CEO and Founder of Currently; started 3 new businesses in Fortune 500 and small companies, participated in 2 exits, 1 merger, and a spinout.

ID 686516

Yen Tung


I am the founder and CEO of Sentri. MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

ID 20150

Clare Shi

Owner, @impressity Inc 10 years computer science background Strong business background (UW MBA) Worked at @microsoft, Georgia Tech Research Institute

ID 90880

James Norris

Entrepreneur since 6. Focused on social and behavioral change. Co-built 6 startups. 4 secured/earned $100K+. Co-built 15 organizations. 3 majors/4 minors.

ID 53140

Kerry Usry

CodeIgniter, Rails & Laravel development + outstanding UX Skills.

ID 53432

Michael Neu

VP Product at @relaborate | Product & Growth | @university-of-washington - Foster Business

ID 331554

Kevin Eagan


Serial corporate entrepreneur, advisor, investor. Co-founder (sold to Ticketmaster), eHome (merged with Windows Division), MS Online Stores.

ID 57343

Ricardo D. Sanchez


Worked at @homeaway, @bedandbreakfast-com

ID 48935

Dave Owen

Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of

ID 214055

Charles Lamanna

Founder MetricsHub Inc • Worked at @microsoft, @sun-microsystems • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame

ID 167470

Anthony Davis


A serial entrepreneur; I have started/sold 4 companies in the mobile technology space. I invest in Seattle area through the Angel fund Monition Partners.

ID 665308

Jonny Kot

Start-up guru with four exits under my belt, looking for my next opportunity to work with a remarkable team on a remarkable problem that needs to be solved

ID 12517

James Walter

Realistic executor and proven leader. Started multiple companies. Computer science degree. Ex @microsoft.

ID 10376

Michael Zaro

CEO of MealDrop. VP of Business Strategy at E&T Startup, Past Education Director for Social Entrepreneurship at @brigham-young-university and Regional Manager at Elevate Comms.

ID 9477

Chris Airola

Cofounded @static-factory-media and @red-llama. Working as an executive at early stage and emerging growth startups for many years.

ID 165337

Jim Adler

Former Vice President of Data Systems and Chief Privacy Officer at @intelius. Currently VP Products at stealth startup.

ID 190472

Tosh Meston

Freelance software engineer specializing in building social internet sites, mobile apps and APIs.

ID 32224

Marc Scattergood

Game industry veteran, product and team management, triple AAA development to small mobile applications; 16 years in high tech.

ID 417664

Byron Peterson

Founder and CEO of New Car City. Bootstrapped his first dealership at 22, boosting annual revenue to 14 million in less than 5 years generating leads with tech.

ID 96575

Guillermo Maldonado Ibarguen

Founder of KSubasta. Business owner at age 20. Worked with Deloitte and @microsoft. Strong international management experience.

ID 7122

Hoyt Prisock


Serial technology entrepreneur. Master of blending product skills, business model development and market vision.

ID 28899

Brian Walters

ex-Microsoft, Founder and CEO of BeHeard. Motivated and always smiling. :)

ID 192055

Ali Daniali

ID 76062

Tom Frazier

Serial entrepreneur, tech guy. Other stuff.

ID 172189

Michael Templeman

Head of development at Meshfire. VP of Technology at Docusign, VP of Product Development at Netpodium, Aldus Fellow. Product design, development and delivery.

ID 101683

Fahad Siddiqui

Founder @the-display-rack , @university-of-waterloo-2 Mathie, @queen-s-university MBA, Ex. Investment Bank, Private Equity, TEDx

ID 143491

Adrian Moise

Founded @aequilibrium • Worked at @microsoft, @electronic-arts,@ubisoft, @mckesson-medical-imaging, @blast-radius • PhD in Computer Science from SFU

ID 113550

Kevin Saliba


Business Development Executive

ID 73442

Tao Ma

Entrepreneur, Founder of ZingCircle. Worked at @microsoft.

ID 31928

Scott Blanksteen

Team member of AppStoreHQ, @qpass, @icebreaker.

ID 260949

Nanjuan Shi

Founder @monchilla-com • Worked at @microsoft, @georgia-institute-of-technology-1 • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-washington

ID 128002

Peter Luong

CTO of FusionPipe. We are passionate about developing Enterprise Mobility Solutions using Cloud Computing Infrastructure.

ID 197253

Vijay Sureshkumar

Founder Tripcierge • Worked at @microsoft, part of founding team @expedia • Studied CS at @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university, @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 69691

John Perkins

Head of Product @duxter, Co-Founder of @seenth-at.

ID 50214

Robert Mahdavi

CTO at; COO at

ID 147580

Bryan Hurren

Product Management leader at @research-in-motion; redefined mobile email, brought @livemocha to 10M users • MASc in Systems Design at @university-of-waterloo

ID 27965

Mark Korver

Government and Education Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services. 15+ years building geo-enabled web apps in U.S and Japan. [email protected]

ID 42355

Libby Tucker

Founder/CEO at, Founder/CEO, COO (acquired by TalentTech), former Adobe.

ID 427180

Mark Murray

Co-Founder of For nearly 15 years I've worked with teams that build technology intended to connect car shoppers to car dealers.

ID 358192

Sam Makaryan

Entrepreneur. Founded @smart-layover, @regal-hospitality-solutions and @hospitality-parking-services

ID 103790

Meredith J. Powell

Creator, Connector & Sometime CEO. Co-Founder of The Next Big Thing Foundation. Passionate activist & speaker for women in tech & entrepreneurship.

ID 519615

Rick Lockhart

Founder @flatline-guitars • Worked at @asqee-spc, @clocktower-media • Studied at @fordham-university, @central-washington-university

ID 64962

Peter Crosby

ID 92412

Glenn Doren

Co-Founder CEO at Cyntient • Worked at @microsoft • Lead Architect at @z2live • Lead Engineer at Xbox LIVE • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 177800

Mark Briggs

Co-founder Fork, Serra Media. Director of Digital Media at NBC affliate in Seattle. Author of 3 books incl. Entrepreneurial Journalism.

ID 198795

Evan Schoepke

Co-founder @printdash • Biz Dev @flattr Deal Maker Not Heart Breaker

ID 283260

Sachin Gandhi

Co-Founder @boxtiq, Lead roles as Product Manager/Software Developer, Past: Co-Founder @pointprior, Co-Founder @chalo, Windows/Ads team @microsoft

ID 26205

Adrian Chu

Engineer | Entrepreneur | People Connector

ID 14783

Scott Weiss


President at Makena Partners, Experienced Recruiting and Software Professional

ID 133285

Martin Ramirez

CEO of @angles-media. Psyched about digital media and big data.

ID 68171

Jeff LeBrun

Co-founder of Algal Scientific. Fifth employee at Sakti3 (Khosla Ventures). Michigan MBA.

ID 515738

Roxanne Skelly

@microsoft, @linden-lab, @skytap, @pure-networks Decades of software development experience. Security, Networking, Cloud. @carnegie-mellon-university ECE '91.

ID 74300

Hussein Ahmed

Entrepreneur, founder of @kustomnote , Ph.D. in Computer Science from @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university ex - @amazon Software Dev. Manager

ID 96024

Drew Morrison Seattle

Drew Morrison, Seattle is an entrepreneur who loves food and fashion. He has taken his passions and created CityGuru, Seattle a community for food and fashion.

ID 112874

Safinaaz Rawji

@microsoft Alumni, Interened @rim, Currently a Sr. Technical PM @appnique. I get things done and make magic happen.

ID 21893

Jordan Reynolds

CEO at ClipCopia, Inc.,

ID 9017

Jeremy Krall

Co-Founder @fling (@socialblend) Previously: @dachis-group, @cisco, @pure-digital-technologies, @razorfish (@microsoft), @symantec, @langoo (acq @verisign)

ID 48354

Jay Allardyce


Executive @hpSoftware. Leader of new incubation, M&A and turnarounds. Startup to big co. experience as a creator and operator. Prior @vertica, @hp and AdobeCap

ID 257420

Gavin White


Big, playful presence. Clarity. Purpose. Vision. Well-connected. Knows things about stuff. Solves problems.

ID 85168

Rob Elam

Energy, tech and sustainability entrepreneur & executive. CEO Propel Fuels.

ID 155699

Jerry Liu

Co-Founder & product at Struts + Springs. Manages concept validation and talks to users.

ID 63050

Josh Lipe

Currently at Nuance. Co-Founder of Focused on product design, development and refactoring. Previously at CheapTickets and T-Mobile.

ID 94838

Michael J. Laine

President, @liftport-group – The Elevator to Space Companies. Globally (in)famous for developing the Space Elevator from science fiction to a real-world program.

ID 274852

Alex Samano


Co-Founder/CEO Life Dreams; Ex T-Mobile GM/Intrapreneur, 5 ventures, $36M raised; Prod/Mktg background; Kellogg MBA, Oregon State BS Engr.

ID 171385

Tim Reha

Founder @venture-all-stars, @new-media-synergy • Worked at @enfect, @nervana

ID 58483

Vaughn Blake


Founder at Cameo Labs, Inc Written for Film, Television and the Web. @colorado-college College Grad Founder Institute Grad

ID 141625

David Golds

Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @university-college-london

ID 101128

Zack Elliott

Student at UPenn Wharton studying finance and computer science.

ID 77842

David Quail

accomplished entrepreneur - built desktop software, web applications, and mobile. As one of 3 co-founders of @attassa (acquired by @hightail-2 in 2010).

ID 60339

Jack Nichols

CTO of @caretrio. Building the caregiving solution for the 21st century, inspired by my own family's experience.

ID 359379

Benn Bollay

Founder Union Bay Networks, Technical Lead at F5 Networks, Networking and Embedded Systems startups.

ID 178636

Erem Boto

Founder @egraphs • Worked @neuropace • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 150734

John Kim

Worked at @realnetworks, @witcom-wireless-isp • Studied at @university-of-california-irvine, @california-state-university-fullerton

ID 83365

Nathan Morse

Founder Eyethereal • Worked at @frog Design, @motorola, @theplatform

ID 8044

Don Ice

CEO at @heartrate-games. Launched @apple's .Mac product into retail, grew it to $40 million in two years.

ID 44952

Jill Miller

Sales and marketing leader in digital signage. Former President of Digital Signage Group, and EVP of Activelight a $120M technology distributor.

ID 76084

Matt Bell

Founded Coinswap • Worked at @safebit

ID 118810

Ben Arnette

CEO of @missionrunner. Shipped online games & platform at @microsoft. Led UX teams at @getty-images, Drugstore, Attenex/FTI. MS Information Design & Tech

ID 68220

Dario De Pasquale

Former @google Engineer. Founder of @blink-online-marketing. Specialized in Mobile Apps design, Social Media strategy, trends in the deal space and gamification.

ID 110014

Doug Hebenthal

@microsoft Partner level employee (21 years), Founder of @4-guys-inc Finisher, Geek, Adviser with Real Good Idea.

ID 206002

Kenneth Law

Filmmaker/Entrepreneur • Founder at @filmskout • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 333776

Alec Matias

CEO of Pawzii with strong engineering experience on high-profile sites (Zillow, NFL, NBC).

ID 119607

Jason Smith

Technology Executive

ID 110325

Jessica Stielau

Founder of The Sourcery, a new kind of tech recruiting company. BA from @colby-college College, MS in Fisheries Science from University of Washington.

ID 43041

Erik Porter

Owner of Hidden Pineapple, former Microsoft (PM/Dev on web platform, Channel 9) for over 7 years.

ID 304752

Matt Ramme

Founder and CTO @sporcle. Worked at Adobe and Co-founder of RogueSheep. CMU CS 1997.

ID 35599

Ken Simpson

Founder @fatport (acquired). Founder MailChannels (Seattle & Vancouver Angels). Early Employee @circa (sold to Polycom). BSc Computer Engineering SFU (Vancouver).

ID 250710

Sean Hutchison

Founder @ikkos, former US Olympic Coach, Team Builder, Inventor

ID 426136

Kathleen Weber


Worked at @morgan-stanley, @smith-barney • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-washington

ID 52086

Shuja Rahman

Founder @Mzines Digital. Worked at @amazon • Studied at @chicago booth.

ID 56082

Nancy Shonka Padberg

CEO at @navigate-boomer-media, MBA, Former Fortune 500 Exec, Speaker, @pepperdine-university University Board Member, Collegiate Big 12 Golfer, Business, Marketing, Culture

ID 34407

Nick Blake

Writer. CEO & founder, @mister-kite-entertainment Corporation.

ID 29033

Scott James

Entrepreneur, instructor, and advisor in the world of social entrepreneurship. More at CEO @trash-backwards.

ID 758490

Orkun Atik

Co-Founder of Mona. Previously @amazon @paypal @turkcell @turk-telecom @ericsson. Studied at @cmu-tepper-school-of-business @Istanbul University.

ID 83692

Naomi Niles

User Experience Strategist. My passion is helping organizations connect with their customers in a more meaningful way to achieve their mission.

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 136756

Martin Zych

Finance Director @ Zephyr Health. Ran Finance, Analytics, & HR at Limeade. Controller at Atlas Accelerator• Finance @university-of-washington.

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 373651

Frank Martinez

Multi-dimensional leader: shipped platforms, services, apps @MSFT, @startups, @tedx. Launched Buckitdream startup at the Sundance Film Festival, 2014.

ID 111093

Craig Brenner

CEO & Founder Tacii & @Take5 • Worked at @apple @microsoft @google @qualcomm @amazon • BSEE @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 184551

Chris Aplin

Founder @tonightwe • Worked at @placefull-inc

ID 89763

Kyle Schei

Keeping Things Organized

ID 145216

Will Prater

Creative Technologist. Entrepreneur. Car Nut. Geek.

ID 354892

Ivan Gonzalez

Co-Founder @pointprior Dev Manager/ SDE/ TPM @amazon / @tellme-networks / @microsoft Computer Science & Human-Computer Interaction @carnegie-mellon-university-2

ID 132707

Anil Kumar

Serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of @smartrx. Co-founder of @pragna and @askme-corp. Passionate about technology and building a business. BS in Comp. Sc.

ID 159002

Ryan Vanderpol

CTO at @placefull . President at @flying-bike-cooperative-brewery . Entrepreneur, engineer, beer snob, snowboarder, beard grower, lover of awesome things.

ID 206192

Kelly McIvor

CoFounder and CEO of coJuvo, TapFunder • Worked at @ATTMobility, @amdocs • Veteran of the mobile startup space focusing on product commercialization.

ID 208412

Stephanie Andrews

Founder @fabbit • Worked at @pixar, @university-of-washington-1 • Studied at @university-of-washington, @school-of-the-art-institute-of-chicago

ID 677196

Emmanuel Amara

Founder of Colombus News press agency Reporter for the news desk of Le Figaro Reporter for the radio RMC Reporter CAPA TV agency Writer Film director

ID 91699

Inadev Corp

Founder of Tapose.

ID 433189

Arash Namvar

Co-Founder and CEO of @music-putty . TEDx Organiser. Studied at @university-of-washington and @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo.

ID 100834

Chris Orem

Experienced business developer. Passionate about IT, finance, and project development. Entrepreneur. Founded @engine , @Aquatic Energy.

ID 75248

Alyson Jones

Visual + Web Designer; Co-founder of Stone Table LLC; Co-founder of @cucune, @forrage.

ID 101597

Nilendu Pal

Interested in exploring ideas focused on the enterprise space. TCS, Wipro, IIT, IIM, @harvard-business-school.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 8849

Buntu Redempter

Founder @solvr-bz

ID 115566

Scott Kendall

Lover of maps & exploration. Focus on mobile location consumer products. Most recently founder of @quadstreaker, an iPhone app that creates a map of your life.

ID 93039

Michael Gifford

CEO + co-founder of Dodecki. Designer-founder out to change the world.

ID 63899

Sean Reichle


Managing Partner at Adventesia

ID 150153

Braydon Batungbacal

Co-founder at SOMO.

ID 306087

Ruby Smith Love

Partner [email protected] @business-development-1 and @finance-4 • Worked at @college-success-foundation, @washington-stem

ID 116202

David Stepania


Founder @eseniorcity I Co-Founder of @pin-citi

ID 32420

Jay Westerdal

Sold for $16M in 2008. Co-founded in 2005. Likes to Invest in Small Technology Companies. Serial Entrepreneur.

ID 314616

Rebecca Bomann

Founded SASH Senior Home Sale Services in 2005. Background in social work, senior care, and real estate. BA Sociology: Hamilton College in NY.

ID 16880

Ben Hodes

Currently Sr. PM @microsoft, formerly @tieclip cofounder. CS UIUC. Specializing in highly orchestrated chaos.

ID 111976

Jeff Pajor

Make of Fine Software

ID 159142

Matt Coggan

Founder @snap-skout-1 • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @washington-state-university

ID 206665

Scott Mackin

Founder of Barcinno, Worked at @foundum-s-l • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @USD

ID 170307

Wayne Bishop

Founded Galleries HQ • Worked at @microsoft and @bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation • Studied at University of Washington, @bellevue-college College

ID 335649

Mike Whitaker

Founder @idefi

ID 131052

Ben Demboski

I'm addicted to solving difficult problems, learning technologies, working with people, and managing projects -- probably why I love and excel in startups!

ID 136889

Bob Berry

CEO, Uber Entertainment. High school dropout invited to do a PhD in Japan. Running companies and making software since age 15.

ID 148568

Steve Lamb

ID 243143

Rich Tyrrell

CEO, Founder and Managing Partner of Taggle, Llc. and Integral Sports Management. Visonary with strong leadership and communication skills.

ID 47108

Lance Rieu

Founded/designed/built/maintained two e-commerce websites. Working on third one, @pricedemand. Drafting 4th and 5th ones because I just can't stop.

ID 86607

Cos Roberts


Founder @urbantech-systems • Investor @myunfold • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 241556

Christian B.F.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, A ton of really cool clients as well

ID 52654

Rusty Citron

Rusty Citron:President and Co-Founder. 30 years experience leading marketing and promotion teams on over 200 major movies & TV shows. AMPAS voting member

ID 85864

Matt Johnson

A purveyor of all things digital. Lover of code and beauty.

ID 138099

Chris Schmich

Co-founder and CTO of Skyforge. Worked at @microsoft, computer science at UIUC.

ID 105434

Leon Bart-Williams

Business Development @ @mtv-networks @clearchannel

ID 53463

Claudius Christian

Combine my vision, creativity, technical skills, & business acumen with my project management & leadership qualities to create world class software

ID 33108

Mauricio Cuevas

Founder & ceo @bevyup. Product Management, Web Analytics, Monetization background. Previous: Lead Product Management International. startup founder.

ID 173794

vance grkov

Founder Battery Maxer • Previously other startups, @microsoft, @symantec • Studied at @university-of-washington, @hawaii-pacific-university

ID 44232

Jeremy Elliott


Was in Eng. Management: @coderbuddy, @tivo, @iPIX & @macrovision. Was Programmer+Architect: @tippr, @sensage, @E*Trade, & @bamboo-com [IPO and Acq. by IPiX]

ID 155105

Anastasia Kachur

Co-Founder of @promolta, a platform for VIDEO promotion. Help your video go VIRAL.

ID 246806

Lee Smith

Owner of Urbanity Shop. Co-founder of Ottemo and Rich Kids Brand. Serial entrepreneur.

ID 161578

Sam McRoberts

CEO of @vudu-marketing. Digital marketing strategist (SEO, Social, CRO). Guest lecturer at @brigham-young-university, member of Mensa, advisor to

ID 51652

Phyllis Huster

Founder Deblume • Worked at @microsoft, @at-t • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 17703

Kevin Lisota

CEO & Co-founder at findwell

ID 108392

Kristy Graves

Founder Institute. Consumer web; social enterprise; online media; sustainability; community. Former outdoor educator. Passion: Bridge building & tech for good.

ID 121509

Brett Marl

Founded 2 products at @microsoft. Founded ViAir - sold to Visto. CTO at Pure Networks, sold to Cisco. Started a Business Unit at Cisco. Founded FameMe.

ID 58331

Eric Lindvall

Co-founder of @papertrail, Seven Scale. Code at

ID 219578

Rebecca Heineman

Founder Olde Skuul • Worked at @microsoft, @sony-computer-entertainment-america

ID 9412

Braden Hamm

Currently working on Former designer and front-end developer at @devhub (Evo Media Group).

ID 436191

Noah Walden

Founder @cinephiled; Former editor for MSN Movies; Founded Juneau Information Service Technology; Studied journalism and history at @western-washington-university

ID 419842

Jim Switz

Co-Founder Cyntient, Co-Founder Trantor Systems Ltd., Founder Ichikawa Japanese Cuisine • Worked at @adaptec, @ford-aerospace, @trantor-systems-ltd • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 43889

John Delano

CEO at @saltbox. Sales, operations and learning & development background; B2B, Retail and Indirect distribution channels. Worked at @t-mobile, @comcast and @at-t.

ID 81123

Chris Maskill

Co-Founder, Activate. 1st startup launched out of @realnetworks, Chief Executive, BuildersCapital. Advisor SDN

ID 179643

Terry Woltman

Founder @ Ignite Financing, CoinBatch, External Input. Background in network operations, vendor & project managment, budgeting, entrepreneurship.

ID 103160

Rob Toews

Founder of 5 tech startups (@leftcoastlabs, @ntrapoint, @buzzlab, @cloudpost, TrustCloud). Current CTO at TrustCloud Inc.

ID 64153

Dusty Dean

Passionate about Web technology, finance and exploration. Avid reader and discoverer. Founder/Chief Web Business Analyst at @bitcadet.

ID 229393

Tripp Parker

Co-founder of @nveloped • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @duke-university

ID 141895

Jacqueline Gow

Founder @localisto • Business Development • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 89188

Israel Pasos

Built Pressleaf ( and then sold it to Inkstone.

ID 43702

Ali Shahrazad

Co-Founder & CMO @saltbox. Inbound marketing & sales. Worked at @t-mobile. @university-of-washington Physics, published research.

ID 314964

Damian Wylie

Strong engineering background spanning from physical product to software (Fluke and Genie Industries). UW MBA, OSU BS Ind & Mfg Engineering. Founder of Rex

ID 344747

Chris Li

Co-Founder @artemek-technologies • Worked at @apple, @ebay • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 46151

Mark Tishenko

CEO of @edge-it-group. Founded @celestial-products (Acquired by Anlekus Investments), Killing the baby monitor.

ID 11915

Mark Ellison-Taylor (CEO)

Co-Founder and CEO of Blufish

ID 259145

Keith BC Gordon

Co-Founder @fabbit • Worked at @pixar, @industrial Light & Magic • Studied at @berkeley, @UO

ID 96491

Ben Adair

Award winning journalist turned media entrepreneur. Co-founder at Escape Apps, NPR/ Marketplace alum. Building the directory of the world's awesome.

ID 165150

Karrie Hungerford

Founder @givingtrax • Worked at @ibm, @onyx-software • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 127126

Eddie Grenier

ID 66123

Sunitha Kumar

CEO of @laughing-buddha-games. Software industry veteran (EA, @microsoft, PopCap Games). 1st @microsoft Bizspark startup!

ID 47201

Tim Hetland

CEO @showqase. Cofounder @orto. Movie fan. PhD candidate.

ID 121834

Daman Bahner

Principal of Zoomis Design+Development // Partner at GreenSeed Capital

ID 187525

Jose Daniel Contreras

Cloud Platform Architect @jobaline • Co-Founder & Investor at @100thingsclub • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @university-of-miami MSEE/BSEE

ID 165677

Tony Faoro

Bootstrapped Adtaq Internet (hosting), now founded and built ShowThis (social video publishing); Previous Exp @ Microsoft, Shopzilla, AT&T, and AMEX.

ID 137667

Mike Hoak

ID 509385

Ritwik Tewari

Founder Informion • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-guwahati

ID 66672

Marc Lamoureux

Entrepreneur. Serial startup enthusiast in the Mobile Software/Telephony space, as employee, executive and founder: Microcell, Clearnet, WordLogic Systems, SAI.

ID 142960

Clarke Rahrig

Founder @book512 & @bedj • ECE undergrad @university-of-texas-at-austin-1 • Student Entrepreneur • Passion for learning, building and technology

ID 136397

Michael Moran

Co-founder at @graphdat, coding for 20 years, building teams, leading teams, of the last 3 companies, 2 were acquired.

ID 321967

James Vastbinder

CTO of Ottemo. Worked at Julep, Microsoft, BroadVision and Level3. Software executive with strong business background.

ID 46284

Ben Ferris

Founder of @cobaltpm

ID 52245

Rob Mathewson

High-energy business development veteran with a talent for building relationships and expanding revenue streams in a variety of B2B markets.

ID 105501

Woman-Founded, Pentapus Technologies

Female co-founder, have tech co-founder. Screamingly good designs. Available for co-founding.

ID 130606

Ashwin Gowland

6 year old Founder at @gap-tooth-stickers

ID 409600

David Harris

Studied at @university-of-michigan // Worked at @microsoft, @apple-retail, and TAF // Founded @solvr-bz, @dream-allies

ID 151896

Avilay Parekh

Founder Informion, Inc. • Worked at @microsoft, @amazon Founding member of Windows Azure, strong engineering background with focus on product management.

ID 51339

Duane King

Owner of DFK International LLC. Multiple companies started. Worked at @microsoft, Attachmate, Others. Has experience in Financial Engineering, Angel, etc.

ID 341430

Karthik Vasudevan

Co-Founder at Global Graynz. Strong background in marketing, logistics and team building. MBA from The University of Washington.

ID 412084

Pace Pendleton

ID 457768

Courtney Rickett

Industrial/Mechanical Engineer, DJ, Photographer, Aspiring Producer, and Critical Listener

ID 376572

Michael Luchini

Founder @glove-box-inc • Worked at @carmax • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 249174

Yale Wong


Founded General Biodiesel, Inc 2006 present, founded Compass Com, Inc 1994 sold 2004, expertise in Biodiesel, Internet, communications, Degree in Software Marketing, Marketing Management from Bellevue, Electrical Mechanical Drafting NSCC

ID 117277

Griffin Kelton

Griffin has spent the past three years in the tea industry working with startups, focusing heavily on business development, processes consulting, and marketing.

ID 469288

Marcelo Maidana

Head of Technology/CTO, entrepreneur, Worked at Yahoo

ID 212085

Mohamed Rafiq

Founder of Winfosys Technologies, Experienced Technology Executive, Entrepreneur, Google+ Evangelist.

ID 61423

Susan Clare

Founded @longshot-apparel-2. Entrepreneurially bombastic & insightful. Devoted to connecting the dots between companies, consumers and the real world.

ID 450585

Rob Smith


Founder Mercadyne Investments, LLC

ID 166121

Jeff Sampson

CEO of Upside Commerce. 1st investor in @theplatform (sold to Comcast). Strong brand expertise. Worked at @microsoft, Viridian, NationsBank and Chase.

ID 152263

Brian Michalski

Co-Founder & CEO @r-evolution-industries-2, @digital-sound-recording • Worked at @apple, @thomson-reuters • Studied at @ohio-state-university

ID 36586

Stephen Huson


Chief Operating Officer. Founder @autotegrity, @leap-it. BS in Management from MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management School.

ID 141941

Barrett McBride

Founder Localisto

ID 90938

Jonathan Saad

Founder of BlueCosmo Satellite Communications, strong business & startup background.

ID 90156

Kane Jamison

SEO, Online Marketing & Web Design @HoodWebMgmt / Urban Homesteading & Permaculture @SeaHomestead

ID 116623

Dana Donovick

ID 115184

John Washam

CEO & Co-Founder of TalkToTheManager. Creator of zKorean, PhotoGrinder. Advisor to

ID 96844

Anthony W. Brown

Product Manager, business developer and Ruby hacker paying my dues in the start-up trenches.

ID 233234

Giles Nelson

Co-Founder COO/CFO at Cyntient • 1st Regional Tech Mgr @goldman-sachs Seattle • Senior Systems Analyst @boeing • Geophysical Analyst @chevron Research

ID 453831

Joey Vallejo

Founder & CEO at Rokaroo Classifieds • Lead UX Designer at Concur Technologies. Previously worked at eBay, Netflix, Logitech, Structural Soft, LLC and Oracle.

ID 216376

Alex Nichiporchik

CEO @tinybuild-games-1 Worked at @spil-games • Skilled at finding diamonds in the rough

ID 106116

Chris Daltas

CEO of Hundo. Design @Bungie Studio's - Branding the video game Halo. UIX @xbox. Consumer Research @snapvine

ID 351640

Garrett Halls

Entrepreneurial Finance Director w/ outstanding project management and cross-functional team leadership skills. Seeking PdM role to leverage unique attributes.

ID 293542

Girish Rao

engineering at amazon. previously early stage builder at startups sense networks (acq by yp), appinions. columbia grad.

ID 112423

Ash Pandya

Creator of Ping the Spider Co.

ID 499455

Salih Waritu

Founder @appstyr , @seenuu • Worked at @navex-global • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 93881

Marcelo Alcantara

Chief Product Officer at @apphere . Built 1st software startup out of college. Worked as VP Solutions at @spring-wireless.

ID 455681

Noah Benesch

Founder @spark-8 • Studied at @university-of-washington Create today in order to solve tomorrow's problems.

ID 91765

Matt Johnston

Recovering Fortune-500 company manager. Current customer fortune builder.

ID 441321

Jessica Chao

Health/UXUI Hacker • Prev. Cofounder @healtho; @johns-hopkins-hospital, @uwmc, PharmD @university-of-washington, MBA @johns-hopkins-university

ID 252959

Anand Jain

Founder @wizrocket. Founder & ex-CTO - @burrp & AskMe. Worked at @network18, @motorola, @att-wireless. Entrepreneur, Software Engineering for 19 years.

ID 137681

Alan Li

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