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ID 48696

Darren G. Austin


VP of Products at @glympse • Founder @seattlerentals-com, @playfield • Pioneered mobile initiatives at, @realnetworks and @expedia.

ID 184389

William Howe

William Howe is a co-founder of empeopled. Strong business background with Stanford MBA. Worked at Citadel Investment Group, DLJ, Deloitte and tech start-ups.

ID 553960

Tyler Smith

President & COO of Madison. Cofounded successful marketing firm in college. Sales and business development. UW - Foster School of Business.

ID 118631

Leon-Gerard Vandenberg


Founder @tda-tech • Worked at @idealab, @airwave-wireless • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @carleton-university

ID 64675

Rod Bauer

I excel in helping clients gain traction, earn customers, launch businesses and products, and communicate with influencers, investors, users, and the press.

ID 80262

Markus Nordvik

Co-founder/CPO of @myvr ; Co-founder/VP Eng @4info ; Early developer @quinstreet. @y-combinator . B.Sc. Symbolic Systems @stanford

ID 696305

Jeanine Johnson

ID 64666

Avni Patel Thompson

Founder papaya+post • Worked at @julep, @boston-consulting-group • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @university-of-british-columbia

ID 30620

Anthony Carroll

Co-founder + CTO, @spotsi. Spend my time with @project-529. Spent last decade in startups.

ID 407804

Prasad Mahendra


Founding engineer @ Gimzo5 Inc (Acquired by Google), Director of Software Engineering @, Angel Investor

ID 435588

Hanu Prateek Kunduru

Engineer, MBA, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Hacker, Hustler, Socially Conscious, Collaborative, Designer, Developer, Activist

ID 553700

Buddy Waddington

Marketing Strategist. Built startup marketing firm, SUM. Then moved on to develop mobile ad startup, Madison. World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

ID 721388

Danny Wasserman

Founder MetaCraft, MetaCraft • Worked at @hillstone-restaurant-group • Studied at @colby-college

ID 89763

Kyle Schei

Keeping Things Organized

ID 390874

Matthew Daniels

Founder @symcat • Worked at @redstone-strategy-group • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 554188

Kurtis Dane

Founder Madison. SUM Co-founder and lead designer. Branding for Fortune 500 companies. HTC, BECU, Vodafone.

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks. Founding Team, Growth Hacker @Tatcha Beauty. Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents & @bittybcosmetics.

ID 228066

Jin Lee, Ph.D

Dr. Lee has over 7 years of experience in healthcare including patient-care, clinical research, and health insurance, and 14 years in business development in small and corporate business

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