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ID 167434

Craig Wilson


Angel, Los Angeles technology policy adviser, team execution. UCLA Anderson School of Management. 12 years Microsoft. Two startup exits.

ID 338571

Krishnaja G

Data-driven product development; complex problem solving

ID 378635

Matt Fields

Founder @DeepThought, Inc. @Social Media Chimps. Bootstrapped 2 startups to 6-7 figures in yearly revenue. Strong biz dev, marketing & PM skills. Studied @UW.

ID 390874

Matthew Daniels

Founder @symcat • Worked at @redstone-strategy-group • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 103048

Desiree ElChebeir

INSEAD MBA and UC San Diego-CS graduate; 12+ yrs global relationship management up to CxO; 10+ yrs of technical experience at large companies and startups

ID 242408

Sharon Bolding, PhD

Worked at MS, Motorola, several Seattle startups (Byndl, Cozi, Atigeo, Omni Retail Group) Co-founder Product Manager for mobile and analytics.

ID 217253

Audee Velasco

Founder and Lead Developer at TimelyTenant

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks. Founding Team, Growth Hacker @Tatcha Beauty. Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents & @bittybcosmetics.

ID 656256

Alexander Iliev

ID 109294

Peter Chang

Co-Founder @boxtiq; founded @gopixel; ex @microsoft Bing PM; 7yrs owning ecommerce, international trade, and retail businesses. @university-of-chicago-1 alum

ID 441321

Jessica Chao

Health/UXUI Hacker • Prev. Cofounder @healtho; @johns-hopkins-hospital, @uwmc, PharmD @university-of-washington, MBA @johns-hopkins-university

ID 696305

Jeanine Johnson

ID 382263

andrea flamini

UX Consultant - Founder @decoravi-com, @flamini-associates • VP of Product Design @pictureiq - Worked @microsoft, @adobe-systems @landor-associates

ID 100483

Soo-Rae Hong

Supply Chain Sustainability and Business Development Specialist with experience creating and leading ventures in the US, China, Middle East, and Africa.

ID 538220

Dan Sargent

Entrepreneurial & user-focused, with deep experience in product management, project management & development at both fast paced startups & larger organizations.

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