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ID 156363

Jeff Thorne

Worked at @ooyala, @vmware • Studied at University of Washington

ID 581719

Kelly McEttrick

Product strategy and visioning, building/expanding client base, business development, partnerships, talent development, media/market research.

ID 32051

Jon Kiehnau


Former EIR & SVP business dev; CMO; VP strategic planning; angel investor; board observer, entrepreneur, teacher. Likes laughing and agile commerce.

ID 175097

Evan Chen

Works at @amazon

ID 60582

Jim Bricker

Founder @order-mapper-1 • Worked at @microsoft,• Studied at University of Washington, @colorado-school-of-mines

ID 177450

Matthew Neagle

Sr. Product Manager at Amazon Kindle. Worked at Google, AIESEC. Early stage start-up and investment experience. MBA and BSE from University of Michigan.

ID 75016

Crystal M. Allison

Business Operations Leader and handy-woman who helps startups get their sh*t organized, who manages acquisitions and supports growing pains for scalability.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 127999

Steve Rozanski

A few start-ups under my belt in sales/marketing/project management roles. B2B & B2C. Detroit Bred Hustler.

ID 85090

Rand Lutomski

Worked at @VisibleTechnologies, @assistly (acq '11), @salesforce

ID 148803

CJ Allen

Sr. Biz Dev @amazon; Co-founder of @amOrganics; Founder of @MastersRank; Board of Directors for @ccrcla; W.P. Carey (ASU) MBA.

ID 142287

Ari Rubenstein

Worked at @onebox-com, @openwave-systems, @zimbra, @yahoo, @vmware • Studied at @bainbridge-graduate-institute, University of San Francisco, @simon-fraser-university

ID 43380

Ryan Stoner

Seasoned marketing, operations and strategy-focused biz dev exec @publicis-groupe, Previously @switchcam & @mopix - @500-startups-2012

ID 244788

Josh Liss

Head of Product at Former Strategy consultant for fortune 50 then built a company of my own. Web and mobile background. University of Chicago grad.

ID 301849

Alejandro (Alex) Buschel


Seasoned IT and InfoSec pro. Worked on Cloud Services at Microsoft. Started company in 2012. Built Enterprise Security products for workflow and remediation.

ID 463057

Daniel Lieser

Cofounder at TrustLeaf. Biz Dev. Growth Hacking. Experience in both soul-crushing & non-soul-crushing sales. International Econ. Standup comedy. Ice cream.

ID 20535

Shane Jones


Founder @daptiv • Early Stage Advisor @box-com • Investor @double-robotics, @yourmechanic, @visually

ID 358401

David Spitzler 

Biz dev exec, 20 years experience in start ups. Co-founded web tools company, sold to Adobe. Worked at NeXT for 5 years. Joined 3 other early stage companies.

ID 249566

Mark Relph


Biz Dev @ AWS | ex-MSFT | C100 | Growlab | Advisor @ LX Ventures | Startup Advisor | Technology Evangelist | Corporate Venturing.

ID 202600

Chelsea Mitchell

Works at @redfin • Director, Partner Programs & Expansion

ID 19944

Ashley Raiteri


Technical Advisor on Scalability, Data Science, Product and Funding

ID 349215

Adam Shaw

Amazon employee of 5 years looking for next adventure

ID 73126

Kevin Chiu

Looking for Co-founders. Worked at @google, @microsoft • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @columbia-university

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks. Founding Team, Growth Hacker @Tatcha Beauty. Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents & @bittybcosmetics.

ID 40294

Andrew Klein


Co-Founder - previously launched coffee kiosk business for redbox/coinstar, founded crepe restaurant chain Mobatta, & worked at Qliance

ID 36351

John Rae-Grant

CEO of Glooey, Founder Zazengo, CTO/Founder of NRG Group (IPO), General Manager Microsoft Developer Network, Lead PM Microsoft Visual C++

ID 30742

Justin Smith

ID 154536

Michael Mott

I start new businesses, expand businesses or expanded to new markets. I establish & deliver on strategic direction & operational excellence.

ID 267941

Jothan Frakes

Top Level Domain Expert (17+ years), comprehensive knowledge of Domain Industry, from registry to website. Co-Inventor of Domain and Instant Service technology.

ID 204591

Benjamin Short

Strategic Partnerships, Passion for Start-Ups, Disruptive Tech, Traveling and Networking; Help me help you

ID 30243

Philip Cortes

Avid Ideologist, Co-Founder of Dual MBA/MA from Wharton and the Lauder Institute at UPenn

ID 284487

Michael Anderson


12+ years working with early-stage companies, 5 years VC and 10 years Seed/Angel. 13 companies, 5 exits (so far).

ID 113381

Rebecca Lovell

Chief Business Officer at @geekwire

ID 30499

Ty Wolfe-Jones

Startup Operations guru. Tango Card | Whole Foods | Zipfizz | Phix | nuun | | consultant for several others.

ID 198041

Ludovic ULRICH

French I can pronounce/spell Entrepreneur properly. Startups @salesforce ☁ @startupweekend fan & xMSFT - Gastro-aholic, gadget-junkie & ski bum.

ID 100025

Jim Harrer


Founder Mustang Software, @eventmingle. Past President of Starbase, @web-associates, @alchemy-solutions. InvestMentor at @venturebox.

ID 4480

Chirag Pancholi

CEO of Wisemuv, VC-backed startup guy, growing companies, B2B and B2C channel experience, Goldman Sachs, Harvard, University of Chicago

ID 470073

Ishan Mukherjee

Worked at @kiva-systems, @amazon

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 79463

Dana Dyksterhuis

Co-Founder @fanzo - Where fans rule. Background: AHL team/Calgary Flames, Qwest Center (Top 20 ticket selling arena) and CenturyLink (Seahawks' partnerships).

ID 2036

Scott Hildebrand

Entrepreneur, manager, vegan, dad, designer & developer. Have ventures in oven, and we do consulting via

ID 178720

Gillian Pennington

Founder Swagga Suits • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 111167

Noam Schafer

Co-Founder of; University of Michigan Ross School of Business MBA; I went from startup to Microsoft, now looking to go back to startup.

ID 59445

Tara Gowland

Founder @startup-recroot, startup growth investor • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 226269

Alex Harris

JD/MBA- @university-of-california-berkeley Grad-Startup Development @crowdclock Founder @amendment-m @punchkeeper Biz Dev, Marketing, Partnerships & Investment

ID 18289

Emily Obukowicz

Entrepreneur/Technologist/Futurist/Event Innovator/Philanthropist

ID 51873

Tony Mandarano

Currently founding @zamplebox. Creative leader with passion for bringing together biz dev, technology, and design to solve real problems.

ID 42243

Stephen Medawar

Co-Founder of - is a global showcase of local startups.

ID 665308

Jonny Kot

Start-up guru with four exits under my belt, looking for my next opportunity to work with a remarkable team on a remarkable problem that needs to be solved

ID 191212

Daniel Hausmann

Founder at ThisStartup. Strong ed-tech skills (Google, Amazon), CMU Master of Entertainment Technology, SXSW 2012 Scholar.

ID 519615

Rick Lockhart

Founder @flatline-guitars • Worked at @asqee-spc, @clocktower-media • Studied at @fordham-university, @central-washington-university

ID 15687

Brad Furber

20+ years startup/VC experience in USA, EU and Australia: co-founder; biz dev, advisor, angel, Boards and legal counsel. Duke J.D., M.A.; Univ of Washington

ID 52483

Riyaz Habibbhai

Entrepreneur at heart, fan of Customer Driven Development. 11+ years of Product Management and Marketing in the tech industry. MBA, Masters in Computer Science

ID 91473

Andrew Vest

Founder of preferling been apart of 3 other start-ups advisor to few I love the art of closing a sale.

ID 142843

Gisli Olafsson

Emergency Response Director - @nethope by day. Advisor to startups, VCs, investors, companies, and governments around the world at other times.

ID 383395

Matthew Henningson

Bachelor’s in Finance from BYU, graduating cum laude. Passion for entrepreneurship is rooted in his desire to create meaning, opportunities, jobs, and wealth.

ID 118856

Steven Wagner

CEO of @dealer-ignition and Dealy, Strong sales and Marketing, Product Development and Architecture. Work @ford-motor-company, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz.

ID 167470

Anthony Davis


A serial entrepreneur; I have started/sold 4 companies in the mobile technology space. I invest in Seattle area through the Angel fund Monition Partners.

ID 130146

Nicola Kamath

MBA Student at @columbia-university Business School

ID 145957

Ajay Sikka

Founder @indiahq-solutions-inc, @ci2i-services-inc • Worked at @microsoft, @sybase • Studied at @bentley-university University, @indian-institute-of-management-lucknow

ID 57192

Nick Hughes

Director of Business Development at Knotis. Co-founder of Seconds, Callin'it and Founders RAW. Strong in sales, BizDev, marketing and product.

ID 472227

Bradley Younggren

Chief Medical Officer at Mobisante, Active Mentor at Highway1, Speaker on mHealth and Medical Devices, Studied at UCLA, and USUHS.

ID 266671

Francois de Laigue

VP Business Development @ A6 Corporation; prior experience heading up BD, product marketing, product management for major AdTech and Software businesses.

ID 644189

Stephanie Artati

Management, business development, product management

ID 243188

Henry B. Augustine

Owner @aupportunities, Co-Owner @arc-reactor

ID 198150

Nick Ris

Worked at @openmarket • Studied at @university-of-warwick

ID 561900

Pablo Arellano Jr.

Successful Entrepreneur, Full stack generalist; spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield NYC, Worked at Procter & Gamble and the Kroger Corporation

ID 44952

Jill Miller

Sales and marketing leader in digital signage. Former President of Digital Signage Group, and EVP of Activelight a $120M technology distributor.

ID 614825

Tyler Boswell

Positive and ready to do something different and truly new. Personable with a strong sales background. Worked at @microsoft, @docusign-4 • Studied at @washington-state-university

ID 318021

Allen Clark

Seattle based Waterloo grad with startup experience and 10 years at Microsoft. Focus areas: Channel, Go-to-market, sales, positioning, scale

ID 344723

Joey Aquino

5 years in BD/MKT roles for startups (one acquired by Looking to join a new team and help grow customers & revenue to profitability.

ID 198795

Evan Schoepke

Co-founder @printdash • Biz Dev @flattr Deal Maker Not Heart Breaker

ID 188948

Chuck Frizelle

I seek a business leadership role in a consumer centric company that is in a start-up or emerging phase in which I can significantly grow the business.

ID 26205

Adrian Chu

Engineer | Entrepreneur | People Connector

ID 152513

DS Benbow

Founder @urbankind, @black-white • Worked at @microsoft, @at-t • Studied at @weber-state-university, @seattle-pacific-university

ID 234147

Joel Stimson

Physics BA, full-stack developer (primarily Ruby) with start-up experience in nearly every department.

ID 419223

Brant Williams

Sales, Business Development Leader. 4-time Founder (2 successful exits, 2 not). Former AMZN, RNWK, Angel Fund, Startup Accelerator. Sales Strategy Advisor.

ID 147580

Bryan Hurren

Product Management leader at @research-in-motion; redefined mobile email, brought @livemocha to 10M users • MASc in Systems Design at @university-of-waterloo

ID 68171

Jeff LeBrun

Co-founder of Algal Scientific. Fifth employee at Sakti3 (Khosla Ventures). Michigan MBA.

ID 638811

Dahm Choi

U.S. diplomat transitioning to strategy and business development • Worked at @u-s-department-of-state, @harvard-university • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 21893

Jordan Reynolds

CEO at ClipCopia, Inc.,

ID 64962

Peter Crosby

ID 290987

Ross Saario

Entreprenuer and general manager. To-date, have started-up and managed 8 different companies in technology, services and retail in the US and Latin America

ID 23626

Neema Naficy

Business Development Professional with Extensive Product Management Experience, Networker and Technical enough to be dangerous.

ID 100483

Soo-Rae Hong

Supply Chain Sustainability and Business Development Specialist with experience creating and leading ventures in the US, China, Middle East, and Africa.

ID 564939

Michael Maggs

Strong business background (Y!, MSFT) in mobile, cloud, Web, software, GTM via direct or partner. Outcome oriented, adept problem solver, good communicator.

ID 154677

Shawn Kalin


Founder @allberta-com, Customerge • Worked at @intercell, @venturesource • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 140758

Alex Diaz

@myunfold Co-Founder. Past: Wunderman,, and Microsoft Xbox. Coolhunter, gadget bro, & proud geek. Speak softly and hustle hard; that's my motto.

ID 719225

Emily King

Early hire @LivingSocial--led home, retail, and content teams. Worked @national Geographic. Just back from a big trip ( and looking for work!

ID 165553

Akira Matsuno

Worked at @lehman-brothers, @motricity • Studied at @wharton-school School, University of Pennsylvania

ID 235786

Samuel Lee

PM @ MSFT, 5 yrs sales + contract negotiation, 4+ yrs marketing / PM / Strategy. Worked / advised 3 startups, pitched to KPCB, Berkeley Undergrad, Duke MBA.

ID 66505

Andrew Moan

Global Supply Manager; Magnetics at @apple Inc.

ID 200662

Timothy Shaw

Studied at @university-of-washington, @wharton-school

ID 599552

Yoko Okano

Currently @ Google, drove operations readiness for Google eBooks launch in US, currently drive top-tier partner engagement & cross-functional communication

ID 228762

Eric Ogden

Co-Founder OuterEscape - digital marketing for outdoor gear manufacturers and community and content for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Partner Relationship Manager for TeamOn Systems (purchased by RIM), an early SaaS provider of collaboration tools. Instrum

ID 212027

Philip Kong

Founder Jamaica Labs • Worked at @children-s-hospital-boston • Studied at @harvard-university, @mit-sloan-school-of-management

ID 52086

Shuja Rahman

Founder @Mzines Digital. Worked at @amazon • Studied at @chicago booth.

ID 101597

Nilendu Pal

Interested in exploring ideas focused on the enterprise space. TCS, Wipro, IIT, IIM, @harvard-business-school.

ID 151494

Derek Underwood

Carnegie Mellon Engineering undergrad and MBA. Business management generalist with a bent toward strategy and development.

ID 253536

Bill Davis

B2B/B2C hosted multi channel (e.g. eCommerce, contact center, retail PoS, mobile, etc.) demand management expert enabling a more complete customer view. UW MBA

ID 107427

Jeff Blake

Founder @goodnights-1 . Full stack & business. Spearfisher. SCUBA Instructor

ID 133663

Brian Crouch

Social Media worker... like a social worker, but with *media.* Sr. Inbound Marketing Manager for @AllStarSchools. Magical dad. Lotta bon mot tweets.

ID 341267

Chris Kahn-Ryu

Princeton, Wharton MBA. Multilingual - primary competency in East Asia. Public relations and operational experience in military.

ID 116202

David Stepania


Founder @eseniorcity I Co-Founder of @pin-citi

ID 211909

Kurt Messersmith

Advisor to start-ups on business development, marketing strategy, international expansion. Former AWS senior manager and sports media producer.

ID 756799

Jan Larsen

Executive - Sales, Marketing, and Product Management - Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics

ID 588116

Preston Wheeler

Worked at PitchBook Data, Studied at University of Washington. Motivated, looking to make immediate impact in sales role

ID 389351

Dolin Pereira

Experienced Global Business Project Manager w/ passion & skills to drive on-time and on-budget delivery in launching new products, organizations or businesses.

ID 151811

John Fitchwell

Worked at @sg2, @west-monroe-partners • Studied at @university-of-chicago, @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 62973

Shirine Park

General Manager Clear Channel Airport

ID 138490

Anil Gupta

Broad system engineering, professional services and product marketing experience in data storage industry • Worked at @quantum, @Dow • Studied @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi, @university-of-washington

ID 684598

Scott Yoneyama

Seasoned Business Development and product Exec, Mobile, Software, Infrastructure, Prof. Services, Product Dev. 4 startups, 0-$20M. Previously raised funding

ID 241556

Christian B.F.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, A ton of really cool clients as well

ID 528488

Nathan Martinez

VP Sales Consultant at LIFFFT. Worked at Credit Suisse, PitchBook Data and ran my own quantitative trading search firm for 3 years.

ID 423152

Joe Okubo

A senior account director with a decade of eCommerce and online sales, management, marketing and business development experience. Able to recognize executive opportunities and corporate agendas as they are applicable. First-class analytical, design and

ID 105434

Leon Bart-Williams

Business Development @ @mtv-networks @clearchannel

ID 522155

Dan Coyle

International Sales Executive

ID 181103

Jason Goldlist

VP Strategy @aplaceformom (@warburgpincus portfolio company). Previously @olympics 2010 @mckinsey @INSEAD MBA. Advisor to great leaders & companies.

ID 378635

Matt Fields

Founder @DeepThought, Inc. @Social Media Chimps. Bootstrapped 2 startups to 6-7 figures in yearly revenue. Strong biz dev, marketing & PM skills. Studied @UW.

ID 546368

Aseem Datar

Marketing & Sales at Microsoft for 10 years, MBA & MS in Electrical Engineering. HBS Exec Ed.

ID 107141

Jeff Jones


Sr. Dir of Business Dev @ MSFT. Strong biz dev & sales background w/ world's top partners. Co-founder of 3 startups.

ID 490442

Chad Manney

International Technology Sales Executive

ID 712377

Nicoleta Raluca Hurubeanu

MBA @ INSEAD, MSc @ Dartmouth College, PharmD. Strong background in pharma, R&D, and retail.

ID 129978

Lynn Yap

Investment Banking at Wells Fargo covering consumer tech. Strong business background with analytical, project management, and strategic skills. MBA @wharton-school 2010

ID 202523


Current MIT Sloan Fellow focused on logistics & operations. Expertise in vendor management, demand planning & process development. Analytical and data driven

ID 624229

David Deutsch

Bitcoin and trading enthusiast with experience working a variety of business development and operations type roles in start-up companies

ID 407989

John Williams

2 Successful Start-ups and 2 Successful Spinoffs from large corporations.

ID 198841

Facundo N.

Worked at @likewise-software, @gamehouse

ID 637926

Mitch Fultz

Founder swop • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @brigham-young-university-hawaii

ID 182841

Tim Elliott

Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @university-of-washington

ID 391256

James Kuk

Biz Dev & Strategy at Microsoft Xbox (Mobile, PC, Console). Former PE Investor and M&A banker. UPenn Wharton MBA 2012.

ID 715916

Sam Silbergeld

Dalhousie Double Major graduate, young sales and marketing professional with a proven track record

ID 508603

Shanker Subramanian

Experienced manager with background in strategy, marketing, finance; Tuck (Dartmouth) MBA (2008); designed jet engines in a previous life

ID 314964

Damian Wylie

Strong engineering background spanning from physical product to software (Fluke and Genie Industries). UW MBA, OSU BS Ind & Mfg Engineering. Founder of Rex

ID 206852

Kristina Mitchell

Shooters the name..Marketings my game.. #SocialMedia #Tech
http://[email protected]

ID 142960

Clarke Rahrig

Founder @book512 & @bedj • ECE undergrad @university-of-texas-at-austin-1 • Student Entrepreneur • Passion for learning, building and technology

ID 547207

Jimmy Kwan

Recent Graduate. @thinkspace Marketing/PR Admin @university-of-washington Research Assistant.

ID 225251


University of Washington B.A. in Biochem; Worked at Yuanfen~Flow (tinktank industry) Strong science and business background Bilingual and Biculture experience

ID 455649

Neha Sharma

MBA with Engineering Degree, Manager, Business Development, Strategy and Design Experience, Worked at Boeing.

ID 145379

Oleg Bezorudko-Chyrykalov

Worked at @ibm, @accenture

ID 382292

Alexandra Rulle

Duke MBA, Background in music/education/start-ups, Experienced in marketing, decision sciences, strategy, and accounting

ID 165150

Karrie Hungerford

Founder @givingtrax • Worked at @ibm, @onyx-software • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 43702

Ali Shahrazad

Co-Founder & CMO @saltbox. Inbound marketing & sales. Worked at @t-mobile. @university-of-washington Physics, published research.

ID 586956

Earl Golla

Rocket Scientist turned marketing and sales leader (UW Technology MBA)

ID 673265

Kam Syed


Advisor and mentor with yrs of experience in building teams and selling products to the global market. Expertise in Cloud, Big Data and Large scale operations

ID 601446

Mihir Shah

Cornell MBA. Technology Evangelist. eCommerce business professional. Worked at Amazon, Google, IBM. Entrepreneur.

ID 606724

Deep S

Worked at @robert-bosch-gmbh • Studied at @university-of-washington, @indian-institute-of-technology-kanpur, @iim

ID 110007

James Taylor

Enjoy delivering discovery & distribution of great services people love. #UWMCDM Grad. Founder Worked at Urbanspoon, HC startup.

ID 426820

Michael Blondin

Marketing, strategic partnerships and biz dev professional. MBA. Broad experience in public, private, non-profit and government organizations.

ID 117277

Griffin Kelton

Griffin has spent the past three years in the tea industry working with startups, focusing heavily on business development, processes consulting, and marketing.

ID 277259

Chris Ramirez

Innovation @sonos. Past @factorymade-ventures-wme @the-walt-disney-company @nbc-universal Founder @levitech , @badoonga

ID 527234

Nathaniel Feltner

Licensed attorney, with 2+ years of legal and business development experience. Effective project management, and focused adaptability are strengths.

ID 573656

Kazim Ali

Experienced management consultant with cross-functional (IT, Marketing, Strategy) and cross-industry expertise, two-time entreprenuer, NYU MBA

ID 372557

Jenna Christine Cooper

Degree in Psychology; Passionate writer and editor; Excellence in communication; Certificate of Completion from the prestigious Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Studio; Fierce, creative, outgoing, genuine; Lover of people and life.

ID 758111

Ross Polk

Entrepreneur and Consultant; University of Illinois Alumni; former Co-Founder and COO of two startups.

ID 410948

Daniel Sincavage

Leader, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Self-Starter, Team-Builder, Workhorse, Cold Caller, Closer: Launched a successful venture; Self-taught web developer

ID 281921

Brandon J. Baker

Serial Entrepreneur

ID 410931

Akankshu Dhawan

Product Manager @ Windows (Microsoft) • Chicago Booth MBA ' 15.

ID 302280

Michael Downs

Results oriented marketing executive.

ID 499455

Salih Waritu

Founder @appstyr , @seenuu • Worked at @navex-global • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 635805

Jenny Zeng

ID 488125

Michelle Doyle

Works at @myunfold. Former @u-s-army Employee • Studied at @yonsei-university, @university-of-maryland-university-college,

ID 46284

Ben Ferris

Founder of @cobaltpm

ID 52245

Rob Mathewson

High-energy business development veteran with a talent for building relationships and expanding revenue streams in a variety of B2B markets.

ID 680267

Guru Subbaraman

Get Things Done Guy -Biz Dev - Partnerships - Go-to-Market- Marketing - Product Management - Microsoft - Yale -University of Texas - Startup experience

ID 357272

Andrew Beddoe

Experinced product management and strategy professional, MScEng, MBA

ID 493730

Brian Adams

Marketing Strategy, Product Management & Marketing for innovative new products. MBA.

ID 394258

Amy Brattain

Technical Recruiting, Sourcing, Networking, Sales, New Business Development

ID 574370

Prashant Kiran Ganjikunta

Delivery Head (Accenture-Amazon engagement), Cornell Johnson MBA, Strong business background across various industries, Strong negotiation skills

ID 242272

Nick Gunn

Passionate about helping businesses grow...Looking to combine my experience as outsourced in-house counsel / small biz counsel in a hybrid biz dev/legal role

ID 312755

Timothy Craig

A multi-talented PhD protein chemist. I've launched a commercial product and helped Pharma companies succeed in their most difficult projects.

ID 462173

Jason Fujioka

Tech savvy entrepreneurial leader with start-up skills and experience, strong business background and skills for strategy development and execution.

ID 582733

Ellen Chang

ID 367605

Andrew Taber

Product Creator and Manager, Startup founder, Studied @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 132747

Daniel Berger

I work with talented engineering teams to interpret sophisticated technology and translate it into high-impact consumer go-to-market strategies. Best Buy,MBA,BA

ID 430938

C'pher Gresham

Accelerator, Hedge Fund, VC, and Startup Experience (, Ability Dynamics). 3rd Place Washington Post BBQ Sauce Competition. MBA from Thunderbird 2014.

ID 692588

Isaac Van Mechelen

| Survivor of 2 acquisitions | 4+ years of Fortune 500 account management | 7+ years travel & photography | 18+ years ice hockey |

ID 119750

Jeff Harrison

Sales & Business Development Executive with Experience in the Mobile, Consumer Electronics and Enterprise Software.

ID 553076

Jean-Francois Berche

Leading the team responsible for planning and managing the expansion of AWS datacenter portfolio in Existing Regions (EMEA, US and Japan).

ID 414560

Kyle Morden

Successful sales track record in technology, advertising, and consumer products. Currently studying business development at UW. Award winning homebrewer.

ID 96844

Anthony W. Brown

Product Manager, business developer and Ruby hacker paying my dues in the start-up trenches.

ID 447565

Karolin Beck

Brings structure to chaos with a focus on customer satisfaction. Business Development and Marketing @microsoft.

ID 329822

Sam Hickman

Tech marketer with physics degree, international, multiple languages. Generalist with broad competence. Microsoft, HP and 3 startups in enterprise software.

ID 441483

Alexander Titus

Software technology professional, technical consultant, research professional, developer, adventurer

ID 286428

Stephan Schier

Business Development professional. Most effective in early stage ventures, where team members need to have a high level of energy and broad set of skills, from management to hands-on tasks.

ID 90938

Jonathan Saad

Founder of BlueCosmo Satellite Communications, strong business & startup background.

ID 583999

Charles Plummer

M.S. Geo/Chem from Univ. of Washington; One year boutique strategic consulting for top hedge fund and high profile clients; 2.5 yrs Gov. Rel. and Higher ed Exp.

ID 571374

Ryan O'Connor

ID 309478

Heidi Stuber

Strategic leader with 3 highly successful turnarounds under my belt. I plan and lead for sustained growth and profitability. MBA from Seattle University 2014.

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