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ID 64765

Philip Lee


CEO of Healtho. Founded and sold @buzzlabs to IAC. Worked at Microsoft, Audience Science. UW CS + Econ

ID 159989

Josh Free


Principal Engineer @microsoft

ID 107360

Arjun Banker


Former engineer @facebook on platform and tools. Previously @zillow, @microsoft.

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 169122

Neil Kumar


Formerly VP Engineering at @yelp

ID 165781

Ian Shafer

Founding Principal Engineer of @yabbly. Started career at @amazon, went to independent consulting, then startups (@off-away and @lockerz).

ID 27405

Daryn Nakhuda


15 years of tech roles at startups, currently at AmazonLocal. Co-founder of @eyejot. Investor in @teachstreet, @willcall, @belle-clementine, 500 Startups (fund)

ID 99587

Mike Dussault


Valve for 10 yrs, shipped Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike, co-created hit Morfo app, director of dev for Lithtech engine (shipped in 60+ gaming titles).

ID 102925

Ryan Snodgrass


Engineer @amazon & Kindle • CS @carnegie-mellon-university • Investor @slidepay, @lovely, @anyperk, @drync, @true-co,, YC S13 Fund (@fundersclub)

ID 7277

Peter Boctor


CTO & Co-founder @skedadel

ID 78792

Wilkins Chung


Founder of @a-thinking-ape

ID 8738

John Wehr

As CTO of HiiDef I launched (now 1MM users) and (Business Insider Top Startup of 2011). Now at Tred changing the way people buy cars.

ID 362585

Jon McKay

Co-founder of Technical Machine, 1st startup out of school. Majored in computing at Olin College. Interned at Hangtime, Microsoft, and Pico-Digital.

ID 38596

Adam Rogas


Founder / COO @load (SaaS/asp), CTO @vegas-com (sold to Greenspun Media Group), CIO CityQuick (@la-com,, Adviser London Board Of Tourism

ID 44979

Marcelo Calbucci

Co-founder & CTO at @everymove.

ID 478604

Michael Merz


Tech junkie and product guy. Worked at @bea-systems, @microsoft and startups on enterprise software, social networks and online advertising. MSc in CS.

ID 12461

Miki Mullor

Founder @jobaline, founder @ancora-technologies , worked @microsoft , inventor of widely used mobile security technology, 5 successful commercial products

ID 126689

Scott Hutchinson

CTO at @koupon-media

ID 349784

Jerry Yang

Always Drifting.

ID 324645

Nick Ambrose


Senior Software Engineer that can also lead and manage teams. Proficient in C/C++/Internet routing but can also develop Android/iPhone apps and PHP/MySQL backend.

ID 36605

Buster Benson

Co-founder/CTO at Habit Labs/Health Month. Co-founder Robot Co-op (sold to @amazon). Creator of Locavore (sold to Local Dirt/Hevva). Creator of

ID 25192

David Albrecht

Crittercism, previous @wishery CTO/Co-Founder (AngelPad S11). @microsoft, founder @prefiat-llc: security, arch, cloud computing consultancy. MS ECE UIllinois.

ID 251358

Sergey Zavadski

software engineer , architect, hacker and entrepreneur

ID 43793

Anthony Wu

Founder @learnsprout • Worked at @google, @youtube • Studied Computer Engineering at University of Washington

ID 64413

Gilad Avidan

Co-founder, CEO at @smore (@techstars Seattle 2011)

ID 270330

Adam Berlinsky-Schine

Worked at @amazon, @yelp, @CoffeeMBagel @cornell-university

ID 112014

Brandon Bloom

Co-founder at @thinkfuse

ID 92915


[email protected], ex-stumbler, @flightcaster, @thoughtworks.

ID 153666

Matthew Blancarte

Founder @highlighter, @unique-blog-designs Highlighter is an ultra low cost publishing platform for Higher-Ed and I am the CTO

ID 38891

Matt Terich


Founder @diystro, acquired in 2011. Designer, hacker, maker, eccentric. UI Design and Development.

ID 2579

Nat Brown


@harvard-university CS, @microsoft, COM/OLE, xBox founder, startups, Rails and Facebook Apps as CTO of @ilike, @rel8tion founder, @ios-app-development, @mobile-2.

ID 82305

Joseph Woo

Founder @learnsprout. Previously at @microsoft, @nokia and @expedia

ID 42872

Scott Blomquist

@puzzazz Eng Director. Former CTO of Vidoop, a security startup, captain of engineering leads at Cooliris, founding developer of Bing Multimedia Search team.

ID 151202

Bradley Buda

Founder Meldium | Early full-stack engineer at @tracksimple | Former lead engineer on AWS CloudWatch | BS, MS in CS at University of Michigan

ID 142026

Aaron Sun

Perpetual Student. Raised capital for @runnable, Formerly worked with @amazon, @microsoft, and @salesforce.

ID 80222

Allan Carroll

Founder & CTO: @hangtime-1 , @familylink, @piick • Worked at @tabula, @microsoft-research • CS at @university-of-washington, @brigham-young-university

ID 285009

Mike Hamrick

I quite enjoy MySQL administration, Linux system administration, C/Perl programming, performance tuning, LAMP stack optimization, and AWS.

ID 64944

Carter Rabasa

Sr. Developer Evangelist at Twilio.

ID 411630

Seth Bridges

Founder @rival-iq, @v2green • PhD from @university-of-washington CSE,B.S. @university-of-pittsburgh

ID 113340

Richard Luck

CTO at @reveal. Developed software for Clearwire, @amazon and numerous other Seattle startups.

ID 112011

Steve Krenzel

Co-founder at @thinkfuse

ID 139727

Rohit Nair

Software Engineer at @amazon. Previously worked at @yahoo and SlideShare. Love web technologies and web based consumer products.

ID 96140

Cameron Tangney


Founder Vantage Sports • Started at @google. C.S./Business at @university-of-washington.

ID 39885

Maya Bisineer

Founder, @memetales. Founder @doodleadoodle, Trendspace. MS Electrical Engineering - Ohio State, MBA - Fisher COB.

ID 456339

Amanda Shumack

Fan-girl of all things iOS. Developing for 13 years now and in iOS heaven for the last 4, and I bring a real zest for the product while making great software.

ID 212543

Henry Saputra

UW Madison CS, U of Illinois, distributed systems, REST, platform development, NoSQL, Java, Scala, Hadoop, Apache Software Foundation committer

ID 316744

Saurabh Nangia

Founder TargetingMantra • Strong tech background • Machine Learning & Big Data enthusiast • MS at UIUC • BTech at IIT Guwahati • ex-Amazonian • 500Startups

ID 39417

Ravi Grover


Software Engineer at @facebook

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 96009

Tom Lianza

CTO at Ador

ID 160755

Suresh Saggar

SE @ Amazon. Worked at @hike, @netapp, @yahoo • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 331842

Richard Worsfold

Founder, iOS Engineer, UI / UX Design @leap-transit • Formerly UX / UI @microsoft

ID 10258

Beau Gunderson

Developer at @practice-fusion interested in social change and the Quantified Self.

ID 41414

Carl W Haynes III

Owner at CWH3 Holdings -- ex @zulily, @tivo, @kiva, @marimba. Lived and worked in East Africa.

ID 187572

Justin Abrahms

Code shipper who understands the value of business.

ID 267246

Morgan Belford

Harvard, Microsoft, Startups. Philosophy, Computer Science, Neural Networks. Desktop, networking, web app server, web apps, web services, mobile apps, tablets.

ID 391424

Brian Oldfield

Physicist by education, full stack software engineer by trade. Proficient in AWS; from managing infrastructure and DBs to polishing web application HTML/JS/CSS

ID 431886

Jonathan Reichhold


Engineer. Worked to make the fail whale extinct at Twitter. Launched rockets and airplanes

ID 193478

Drew Sing

Growth Engineer - Bugcrowd

ID 268792

Samiur Rahman

Founder @jobsuitors • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @the-cooper-union-for-the-advancement-of-science-art

ID 57490

Ian Sefferman

Co-founder / CEO at @mobiledevhq. Operate @mobiledevhq, iPhoneDevSDK, and AppStoreHQ. Previously an engineer at UChicago Comp Sci.

ID 192324

Ken Hui


Development Manager

ID 88736

Adrian Pike

Co-Founder of @stride (Acquired, 2013). Software polyglot. Lover of all clever hacks.

ID 142684

Max Greenblatt

Founder @unbranded-designs • Studied at University of California, Los Angeles, University of Michigan

ID 92921

Stephen Purpura

CEO/CTO @context-relevant. Co-founded from a decade of Big Data analytic work. PhD ABD from @cornell-university.

ID 162606

Gilad Gray

founder @whichbus, day job @amazon. designer/developer in pursuit of a brilliant user experience.

ID 359500

Tony Shahbazian

Founder Smart Layover

ID 279501

Cameron Hill

CS, full-stack developer with focus on front-end and user experience, RoR, PHP, JavaScript

ID 401908

Chris McBride

Senior Software Engineer

ID 140599

Korwin Smith

Senior Manager at • Developer at,, @realnetworks • Computer Science degree from @western-washington-university University

ID 42701

Michael Saffitz

CTO & Founder @apptentive • Worked at @microsoft as Program Manager for Windows Phone Developer Experience • @university-of-washington MBA, @pomona-college CS & Econ

ID 649943

John Kew


ID 159614

Andrew Wooster

Founder @apptentive • Worked at @apple, @tellme Networks • Studied at @pomona-college

ID 588150

Paul Paradise

ID 47700

Michael Fountain

Michael Fountain helps Entrepreneurs and Experts Design, Build, Deploy, & Market Software Solutions and Information Products online.

ID 241321

Bobby Mathews

Founder @cloudpress • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 129107

Patrick Williams

Technical Lead at @bittorrent. C/C++/Javascript.

ID 42546

Evan Jacobs

Founder @authorgraph • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 138124

Tristan Burch

Founder 1Record, Lead platform engineer at Mobiplug Networks. Previously helped build and Farecast (acquired by Microsoft - now Bing Travel).

ID 233137

Brett Holt

Software Engineer @ New Relic. Full-stack developer focused on web development, particularly mobile.

ID 218076

Allen Chen

Founder @cloudpress (acquired by News Corp) • Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 412818

Anthony Nowell

A full-stack generalist that aims to build stuff I'm passionate about and really give a damn about people.

ID 155476

Alejandro Ciniglio

Worked at @microsoft, @meetup • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 594215

Alison Harmon

Recent Columbia graduate pursuing a technical job. Bachelors degrees in both mathematics and applied physics.

ID 92588

Andrew Pope

CTO and founder of @Viableware.

ID 87322

Daniel Kornev

Founder of @zet-universe (NUI + Big Data Analytics enabling IW productivity) • Worked at @microsoft, @google • MS in CS (2008).

ID 116624

Scott Nguyen

Co-founder of @bibim-ly. 4th year undergraduate student at UWindsor.

ID 128659


Worked at @stocktwits, @stockopedia

ID 153646

Roger Blancarte

Software Developer at @panopen . Keeping up-to-date with the latest web technologies and applying them where they're most needed.

ID 85510

Kevin Fink

SVP Engineering at @demand-media. Experienced biz/tech leader - CTO at @whitepages-1 and Passionate about creating business value out of big data.

ID 319692

Azhar Basit

Hands on Technical Program Manager

ID 22879

Wes Hather

Co-Founder of @grouptalent (Funded by @techstars Seattle '11), Co-Founder of Team Apart (Funded by YC S'08), BA in CS at University of Washington

ID 91146

Sky Kelsey

Founder @apptentive. Android Developer. BS/CPE from Calpoly SLO. @techstars-1 Seattle 2012.

ID 19944

Ashley Raiteri


Technical Advisor on Scalability, Data Science, Product and Funding

ID 353973

Ward Vuillemot

Product Manager who builds experiences, not products. Strong engineering (3 MS) and design background.

ID 185997

Rodrigo De Castro

Works at @google (ex- @amazon and @microsoft) • Founded @mercado-de-servicos Studied at @universidade-de-sao-paulo

ID 374377

Christopher Sadowski

UMD, College Park CS w/ Linear Algebra focus, worked at startups in both Redmond, WA and Washington, DC; Currently exploring adventures to embark on in Seattle!

ID 142877

Victor Lam

General Manager of EZTABLE Hong Kong, CTO of @codementor • Creator of @ResumeTracker • Senior Software Engineer of @jiepang • Chief Developer of @nuandao

ID 293854

Phil Crissman

BS in Comp Sci, built and deployed within major Rails versions from 2.1 through current versions, Linux background, driven, always learning.

ID 157855

Eric Butler

Software developer, troublemaker.

ID 360891

Patrick N Harris

Machine Learning Engineer - Technical Evangelist - Distributed Systems Architect - MS Systems Engineer, BS Computer Science, Neuroscience Applications Engineer

ID 354758

James Gwertzman


Founder & CEO @PlayFab. Sold @SproutGames to @popcap-games. Founded PopCap Asia. Led #HourOfCode for @CodeOrg. A.B. Harvard CS. 15 yrs game industry experience.

ID 132362

Paul Vazquez

Research Scientist at Amazon. Founded 3 companies. Interests in forecasting, machine learning, datamining, optimization, etc.

ID 96067

Alex Kilpatrick

Co-Founder & CTO at BeehiveID. PhD Computer Scientist, working in biometrics & machine learning

ID 238616

Michael Giambalvo

Passionate generalist looking for a challenge

ID 464309

Cuong Le

Studied at @macalester-college

ID 68193

Matt Jensen

Wrote MacBrain, first neural net product for Macs, and Evolver, first genetic algorithm tool for personal computers. Created QuoteRank clustering.

ID 116281

Joe Goldberg

Software Developer with strong business/management background at @the-robot-co-op, @skytap • 10+ years experience • BSci Informatics at University of Washington

ID 221022

Marcello Oliva

Talented Software Engineer with Java background

ID 269385

Michal Bryc

M.S. in Computer Science; Worked at Amazon, IMDb, Microsoft building lots and lots of useful things like the IMDb Watchlist

ID 249031


An experienced Software Engineering Manager and Technical Innovator. Proven ability to bring research ideas from concept to product reality.

ID 241873

Amit Sharma

Worked on full stack.

ID 206105

Shiblee Imtiaz Hasan

Designer. Developer. Engineer. Worked at @apple, @amazon • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 97484

Zach Graves

Engineer at Queue App. Previously at @graphicly & @yahoo

ID 186512

Bryce Neal

My name is Bryce. I like to build web apps and games.

ID 489026

Roy Kim

Worked at @front-desk • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 128474

Bernie Zimmermann

Senior Developer at @blab. Former Director of Application Development at VoiceBox Technologies.

ID 231153

Patrick Noland

Waterloo CS, Java/web/mobile engineer, deep diver and rapid prototyper

ID 104093

Aaron Brethorst

Co-founder of @mannequin. Creator of @cocoa-controls.

ID 477047

Ian Gilman

Digital Renaissance Man

ID 192927

Max Aller

Worked at @amazon • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 95783

Max Ciccotosto

ID 331385

Rohan Deshpande

Shipped software that impacts millions of users and billions of dollars

ID 220042

Jay Zeng

Full stack generalist fall in love with UX/UI that currently deals with data; product guy by heart

ID 371237

Dhinesh Dharman

ID 191804

Renganathan Ramamoorthy

Worked at @google, @amazon @siemens | Studied at @thunderbird-school-of-global-management, @university-of-kerala and currently making open web media better.

ID 120790

Paul Malolepsy

Co-founder, @pike-productions. BA Info Systems, University of Washington.

ID 97140

Montana Low

Founder at @tomo

ID 67273

Deepak Kumar

Founder FlexMinder

ID 405310

Everett Carney

Hustler. Fascinated by data and UX. Green tech enthusiast. eSports follower. Always looking for new ways to connect people and tech.

ID 171684

Jay Barker

Based in @berlin. Delivering software platforms and web innovation for 10+ years.

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 88408

Adam Loving

Growth hacker. Founder of,, and Zuckerbucks. BSCS w/ honors @university-of-washington. 17 years professional experience.

ID 225165

Eric Malone

CTO of @onewed-formerly-nearlyweds • Worked at @3gupload-com, @entertonement • Studied at @university-of-washington-tacoma

ID 390842

Brandon Renfrow

Versatile in latest front and backend technologies, launched several websites and webapps.

ID 87513

Paul Ingalls

Co-Founder/CEO of @fanzo. Previously Co-Founder/CTO of @smilebox, and before that built RealArcade, the first App Store. B.S. C.S. Notre Dame, Summa Cum Laude

ID 422784

Jordan Timmermann

Founder & CTO of @wire • Lead engineer at @amazon • CS at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 258534

Abhishek Sen

attended @university-of-chicago-1 , @university-of-alberta-1 Focusses on @machine-learning-1 , @computer-vision-1 , @natural-language-processing-1

ID 60090

Oscar Sanjuán Martínez

Lecturer and Director of Infrastructure and HR in the Computer Science Department at the @university of Oviedo. Computer Engineering.Founder of Vector-it

ID 186025

Sundip Patel

Founder @graphicsbuilder • Worked at @microsoft, @cisco • BS Computer Science at @georgia-institute-of-technology. Raised on a farm in KY.

ID 8352

Benjamin J. Gilbert

Co-founder, Madrona Labs. Previously Microsoft Garage, Office for iPad. Startup Weekend Global Facilitator. Creator of SeizeTheDay and Zero for iPhone.

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 30243

Philip Cortes

Avid Ideologist, Co-Founder of Dual MBA/MA from Wharton and the Lauder Institute at UPenn

ID 153642

Gaurav Bhatnagar

Chief Technology Officer @highlighter • Worked at @real-time-farms-1, @university-of-michigan-1 • Studied at @university-of-michigan-1

ID 453346

Dan Vogel

X-Engineer @amazon. Investor/Operator in DC Current, a @major-league-ultimate (Professional Ultimate) team. CMU.

ID 161623

Konstantin Novikov

10 years in Software Development. 5 years at @microsoft. Expertise in backend, databases, API and cloud services.

ID 193438

Aaron Khoo

Director of Engineering at 9Slides, Co-Founder and CTO at PaidPunch, Principal Dev Lead at Microsoft. PhD from Northwestern University.

ID 7865

Bryan Starbuck

VP of Engineering and owner, GeekHQ, Inc. Serial entrepreneur with a former exist. Former CEO & Founder. Strong technical and business background.

ID 124778

Drew Inglis

I work at @heap. Formerly of @carnegie-mellon-university and @facebook.

ID 217612

Senmiao Liu


Message is everything.

ID 133398

Nick Barnwell

Interned at MS, Google, Podio. Inveterate hackathon attendee. Passionate about UX and the intersection of art, literature, and technology.

ID 115160

Chris Roth


ID 229255

Toby McKes

Currently, Director of Engineering at @red-tricycle Formerly with @cheezburger

ID 78014

Hank Stoever

Scrappy full stack web developer with a passion for technology.

ID 286572

Eric Voskuil


Founded @beyondtrust and @desktopstandard (sold to @microsoft), Microsoft Princial Architect, US Navy F/18 pilot and Top Gun graduate, @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 13087

Matt Augustine

Founder PlayFab, Inc. • Worked at @microsoft, @uber-entertainment • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 5129

Christopher Armstrong

Full-stack engineer and leader. Loves small teams doing big things. First hire and former engineering leader at @the-resumator, ops @socrata

ID 95370

Kiley Williams

Co-Founder @thyme • Worked at @microsoft, @isoftstone • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university,@stanford-university

ID 181665

Shawn Burke

CTO @buddy • Worked at @microsoft - Engineering & Engineering Mgmt • CS and Business @university-of-washington • 9-time Ironman

ID 36351

John Rae-Grant

CEO of Glooey, Founder Zazengo, CTO/Founder of NRG Group (IPO), General Manager Microsoft Developer Network, Lead PM Microsoft Visual C++

ID 10038

Chris Lynch

CTO of, CTO of SparkRadius, CEO of North by Nine/Thoughtful (acq. ConversIQ), VP Eng. of Daptiv/eProject, Vp Eng xLoom, Microsoft Dev Mgr

ID 543559

Zhia Chong

Software generalist at PaperG; Currently interested in building big ideas;

ID 629633

Sean Kelleher

Sr. Software Engineer with 15 years at startups, Microsoft, AT&T, and Disney. Seeking senior developer role in wearable computing, graphics, computer vision, embedded systems.

ID 73126

Kevin Chiu

Looking for Co-founders. Worked at @google, @microsoft • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @columbia-university

ID 9229

Keith Guerin

Technology + Humanities. Design & Developer @google. Co-founded @showqase @experiment @orto & SECLive.

ID 30620

Anthony Carroll

Co-founder + CTO, @spotsi. Spend my time with @project-529. Spent last decade in startups.

ID 142023

Burton Miller

CEO/Founder @roost-by-notice-software, CTO/UX- Architect @volunteerspot. 20+ years software development & innovation across many platforms and technologies.

ID 97601

Dudley Carr


CEO of Trufl. Previously product manager at @google.

ID 221109

Kevin Yu

Co-founder & CTO of Socedo; worked on SQL Server, BizTalk Server etc. at Microsoft; UW MBA, Bachelor in CS.

ID 417710

Brad Whitcomb

Lead UI Engineer at @subblime. Former engineer @stockr and @geodelic-systems

ID 16888

Tyler Menezes


@y-combinator alumni, former @framebase founder. Exec Director at StudentRND. Occasional public speaker on technology education topics.

ID 4483

Roshan Khan


Work at @google (Ads). Past @sixam-inc • @microsoft (Search, Mobile) • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology (BS) & @university-of-washington (MS) for Computer Science.

ID 207952

Matthew Callis

Designer / Developer with a background in print design.

ID 2036

Scott Hildebrand

Entrepreneur, manager, vegan, dad, designer & developer. Have ventures in oven, and we do consulting via

ID 1223

Marc Cantwell

Founder @angelsquare, @copybar • Worked at @citigroup, @mercer-consulitng • Studied at @pomona-college

ID 358289

Ben Ries

Founder @viska. PhD student @university-of-washington. Research in Statistical modeling lab (data mining). Strong programming [email protected] alum

ID 221813

Steve Gordon

Founded @prism-money • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 36535

Jacques Crocker

Veteran open source ruby hacker. Longtime rails consultant turned entrepreneur.

ID 42243

Stephen Medawar

Co-Founder of - is a global showcase of local startups.

ID 126370

Walter Smith

20-year developer at @apple (Newton) and @microsoft (Windows, IE, MSN). Now on my second startup, @carezone.

ID 63175

Jesse Clark

VP of Engineering at @corengi

ID 223679

Vince Mendillo


CEO, COO, Executive Director, Microsoft, PrimeSense (Kinect), Borland, Ashton-Tate, UCLA CS, UCLA Anderson MBA

ID 120127

Anish Mehta

Co-Founder of AudioLoves. Worked at @microsoft and @amazon. Winner of Apps for Californians competition.

ID 197300

Prashanth Sadasivan

Worked at @amazon and @farmlogs • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 493383

Harini Saladi

Working at @lumoid • MBA at @thunderbird-school-of-global-management, Computer Science @osmania-university. Founding member at Pankhudi Foundation.

ID 267941

Jothan Frakes

Top Level Domain Expert (17+ years), comprehensive knowledge of Domain Industry, from registry to website. Co-Inventor of Domain and Instant Service technology.

ID 649305

Bob Karaban

Worked at @skykick, @new-world-systems • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @michigan-state-university

ID 99393

Wes Carr

CTO of Trufl. Previously Senior Software Eng at @google.

ID 1574

Logan Bowers


Entrepreneur, previously a co-founder of a VC-backed startup.

ID 53140

Kerry Usry

CodeIgniter, Rails & Laravel development + outstanding UX Skills.

ID 142843

Gisli Olafsson

Emergency Response Director - @nethope by day. Advisor to startups, VCs, investors, companies, and governments around the world at other times.

ID 33834

Brandon Wu

Founder of @studio-pepwuper. Previously a strategist @sony and a developer @electronic-arts . @university-of-southern-california Marshall MBA, @university-of-california-berkeley alum.

ID 199750

Kelsey Schlarman

Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 48355

Adam Gering


Full Stack Entrepreneur

ID 57343

Ricardo D. Sanchez


Worked at @homeaway, @bedandbreakfast-com

ID 298626

Yun Lin

Founder @nconnex; PhD student at Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics, UMass; Worked at eBay Research Labs

ID 179397

Akshay Java

Founder @percept-labs-acquired-by-google • Worked at @google, @microsoft • Studied at @university-of-maryland-baltimore-county, @university-of-mumbai

ID 608334

Sanath Kumar Ramesh

Generalist; Kernel hacker; Wanna-be entrepreneur

ID 206454

Noah Spitzer-Williams

CEO and Dev at Highlight Hunter. 5 years as @microsoft PM. Degrees in Comp Sci and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

ID 108520


Product Specialist. @art-sumo, [email protected]

ID 23732

Scott Deutsch

Co-Founder at @wisemind-studios LLC

ID 21661

Javier Luraschi


ID 433882

Christopher D. Russell

Developer at Azuqua, Seattle building a distributed web API integration, custom application generation, and hosting service for non-developers.

ID 433256

Bryan Garretson

Founder @friendsource • Worked at @microsoft, @desktopstandard • Studied at @keene-state-college, @daniel-webster-college

ID 8704

Sean Anderson

@mobdog founder. Database / search architect. Expert sailor and dorado / yellowtail fisherman.

ID 271276

Scott J. Beaudreau

Founder, CTO of @circleci Media. Previously Principal Dev/PM at Microsoft in Bing Semantic Index, Search Incubation, and Search UX. Deep technology+data science.

ID 33964

Adam Mustafa

ID 136371

Sai Perchard

Partner at notorii. Have previously worked as a product manager, designer, and developer for early-stage startups. Background in law/finance.

ID 48190

Neil Cresswell

Currently CTO at a web startup in stealth mode with working prototype. Previous roles include Director of Engineering, (@demand-media,) Chief Engineer, etc.

ID 50214

Robert Mahdavi

CTO at; COO at

ID 87386

Carl Tydingco

Co-founder of xDJs. Previously engineering lead on photos, music and mobile products @smilebox, @medianet, @rhapsody

ID 553898

Franci Penov

Advisor @drone-vc • Engineer @facebook • Worked @amazon , @microsoft • Professional geek

ID 187592

Joshua Campoverde

Worked at @microsoft, @espn • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 172189

Michael Templeman

Head of development at Meshfire. VP of Technology at Docusign, VP of Product Development at Netpodium, Aldus Fellow. Product design, development and delivery.

ID 27965

Mark Korver

Government and Education Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services. 15+ years building geo-enabled web apps in U.S and Japan. [email protected]

ID 294036

Daril Vilhena

Finishing PhD. Want to lead ambitious big data teams. Led two successful Angel dev teams. C++, Perl, Python, D3, Hadoop, Hbase, Mahout, Machine learning

ID 92412

Glenn Doren

Co-Founder CEO at Cyntient • Worked at @microsoft • Lead Architect at @z2live • Lead Engineer at Xbox LIVE • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 713717

W. Austin Webb

Advanced machine learning and algorithms for all.

ID 87037

Drew Koch

Co-founder/CEO/Head of Product @farmplicity (acquired by Sunfarm Food Service). Code Fellows UX Engineering Bootcamp Graduate 2014. Wash U BSBA 2013.

ID 557540

Radosław Dembkowski

Backend software developer working at big data startup Sumo Logic.

ID 141959

Gary Waliczek

Built Xbox SmartGlass cloud service for @microsoft, multiple patents in mobile & multiple apps published • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

ID 25789

Kali Donovan

BA @ Stanford. CEO of Deviantech, a Rails consultancy. Technical consultant to a small portfolio of web startups.

ID 516492

Brian McNaboe

Founder @audiofuse, Crater Collective • Worked at @adobe-systems, @nasa • Studied at @university-of-washington, @university-of-maine

ID 73442

Tao Ma

Entrepreneur, Founder of ZingCircle. Worked at @microsoft.

ID 291213

Nilesh Londhe


Leader, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor. MS EECS 1990 and MBA 2001 from U Michigan.

ID 190472

Tosh Meston

Freelance software engineer specializing in building social internet sites, mobile apps and APIs.

ID 192055

Ali Daniali

ID 260949

Nanjuan Shi

Founder @monchilla-com • Worked at @microsoft, @georgia-institute-of-technology-1 • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-washington

ID 214055

Charles Lamanna

Founder MetricsHub Inc • Worked at @microsoft, @sun-microsystems • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame

ID 356952

David McNamara

Engineering Leader, Consumer-facing products, millions of devices shipped, millions of screens served. Stanford management, Georgia Tech engineering.

ID 234147

Joel Stimson

Physics BA, full-stack developer (primarily Ruby) with start-up experience in nearly every department.

ID 435588

Hanu Prateek Kunduru

Engineer, MBA, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Hacker, Hustler, Socially Conscious, Collaborative, Designer, Developer, Activist

ID 186959

Robert Syvarth

Dev & NumberNerd @duxter. Created social group app with ~1M users in HS. EE @ UT

ID 76084

Matt Bell

Founded Coinswap • Worked at @safebit

ID 359379

Benn Bollay

Founder Union Bay Networks, Technical Lead at F5 Networks, Networking and Embedded Systems startups.

ID 33893

Kaveh Ghadianipour

University of Washington CS, Full stack engineer with focus on mobile, launched 14 iOS apps

ID 178636

Erem Boto

Founder @egraphs • Worked @neuropace • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 112354

Joel Bradshaw

An engineer first and foremost, trained in CS & EE. I like solving problems and building things. Interned at Fluke, now lead dev at @serps .

ID 360812

Andrew Millspaugh

Software Engineer

ID 164180

Rob Flickenger

Founder Shift Labs

ID 31757

Nick Denny

Sr. Mobile Developer, Delivered multiple core mobile product for @microsoft, Panasonic, Texas Instruments, Sony Ericsson, others

ID 155685

David Nason

COO/CTO of RDI Labs. @proven success, numerous startups and large corps (@microsoft, @carnegie-mellon-university Univ, @packard-bell-nec). 25 U.S. patents, 10 Intl patents.

ID 490767

Paul Kwiatkowski

ID 193510

Jimmy Gambier

Technical PM, Front-end web dev. Founder of 2 startups.

ID 74300

Hussein Ahmed

Entrepreneur, founder of @kustomnote , Ph.D. in Computer Science from @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university ex - @amazon Software Dev. Manager

ID 259969

Andrew Mui

Startup Technologist, Tech Advocate and Tech Mentor for SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program.

ID 515738

Roxanne Skelly

@microsoft, @linden-lab, @skytap, @pure-networks Decades of software development experience. Security, Networking, Cloud. @carnegie-mellon-university ECE '91.

ID 107539

Ajey Shah

App hacker; rest on @linkedin.

ID 9017

Jeremy Krall

Co-Founder @fling (@socialblend) Previously: @dachis-group, @cisco, @pure-digital-technologies, @razorfish (@microsoft), @symantec, @langoo (acq @verisign)

ID 304752

Matt Ramme

Founder and CTO @sporcle. Worked at Adobe and Co-founder of RogueSheep. CMU CS 1997.

ID 154677

Shawn Kalin


Founder @allberta-com, Customerge • Worked at @intercell, @venturesource • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 132707

Anil Kumar

Serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of @smartrx. Co-founder of @pragna and @askme-corp. Passionate about technology and building a business. BS in Comp. Sc.

ID 145216

Will Prater

Creative Technologist. Entrepreneur. Car Nut. Geek.

ID 73979

Bill Zimmerman


Co-founder and technology guy at Venture Capital for Africa (VC4Africa). Founder of ActivSpaces, Cameroon's first technology incubation space. Board member of the AfriLabs Foundation. Formerly an engineer at Visio and @microsoft.

ID 317306

Michael Hoffman

Postdoc at UW; PhD in Bioinformatics from Cambridge

ID 181293

Chris Hamilton

Founder @ambiguous-computer-company-ltd • Worked at @microsoft, @fastsearch-and-transfer-asa • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 99595

Mark Atwood

Director of Open Source Evangelism for HP Cloud Services. Contributor to Drizzle. Co-author of OAuth.

ID 571185

Andrew Hutchings

Worked at @utrip • Studied at @harvey-mudd-college, @cornell-university

ID 720581

Zeynep Su Kurultay

MS in CS at UCSD

ID 356876

PG Madhavan

Founder Syzen Analytics, Inc. • Worked at @microsoft, @lucent-bell-labs • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-madras, @mcmaster-university

ID 399522

Spencer Fornaciari

Entrepreneur looking for iOS developer job

ID 60339

Jack Nichols

CTO of @caretrio. Building the caregiving solution for the 21st century, inspired by my own family's experience.

ID 141625

David Golds

Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @university-college-london

ID 335310

Joel Smith

Founder Give Me Notice • Rails developer and cloud engineer

ID 299879

Jackson Harper

Freelance iOS developer. Former Mono developer at @novell.

ID 43041

Erik Porter

Owner of Hidden Pineapple, former Microsoft (PM/Dev on web platform, Channel 9) for over 7 years.

ID 222968

Richard Chung

Software Engineer

ID 167120

brook riggio

Pragmatic developer with a healthy dose of business smarts and UX sensibilities. Built and helped @launch numerous startups.

ID 83365

Nathan Morse

Founder Eyethereal • Worked at @frog Design, @motorola, @theplatform

ID 241556

Christian B.F.

Founder @briefcase • Worked at @tubemogul, @adknowledge, A ton of really cool clients as well

ID 293003

Jayml Mistry

Well traveled junior Ruby on Rails talent; craft oriented and interested in just about everything.

ID 384398

Ivan Judson

Founder Buffalo Jump Technology • Worked at @webfilings, @thinking-machines • Studied at @northeastern-university, @university-of-illinois-chicago

ID 138099

Chris Schmich

Co-founder and CTO of Skyforge. Worked at @microsoft, computer science at UIUC.

ID 85864

Matt Johnson

A purveyor of all things digital. Lover of code and beauty.

ID 168099

Jay Rossiter

Develop and maintain systems to support highly scalable web applications. Engineering roles at @microsoft, @intel, @symantec, Pheedo.

ID 353383

Charles Augello

General developer with expertise in financial software, large databases. Former CFA. Dartmouth engineering.

ID 380773

Aaron Louie

Strategy/Design/Dev unicorn. IA/IxD/UX master specializing in holistic systems design, rapid prototyping, and growth hacking.

ID 136889

Bob Berry

CEO, Uber Entertainment. High school dropout invited to do a PhD in Japan. Running companies and making software since age 15.

ID 349350

Amrita Dutta

Full stack generalist

ID 321122

Karthik Ramakrishnan

ID 8849

Buntu Redempter

Founder @solvr-bz

ID 691257

J.W. Tsu

Front-end web developer. Stanford grad, UX design at Nuance, completed Code Fellows development accelerator.

ID 16880

Ben Hodes

Currently Sr. PM @microsoft, formerly @tieclip cofounder. CS UIUC. Specializing in highly orchestrated chaos.

ID 150153

Braydon Batungbacal

Co-founder at SOMO.

ID 107427

Jeff Blake

Founder @goodnights-1 . Full stack & business. Spearfisher. SCUBA Instructor

ID 365330

Andrew Edmond

Engineering Leader

ID 159002

Ryan Vanderpol

CTO at @placefull . President at @flying-bike-cooperative-brewery . Entrepreneur, engineer, beer snob, snowboarder, beard grower, lover of awesome things.

ID 63899

Sean Reichle


Managing Partner at Adventesia

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 53463

Claudius Christian

Combine my vision, creativity, technical skills, & business acumen with my project management & leadership qualities to create world class software

ID 359910

Daniel Yoonho Lee

University of California, San Diego Computer Engineering Graduate. Worked at Boeing, L3 Communications.

ID 464932

Arden Dertat

Engineer @microsoft. Information Retrieval and Machine Learning.

ID 154034

Wanny Morellato

Busy in bringing amazing IOS application to life

ID 522824

Nicholas LaVassar

Stanford trained iOS developer. Launched 3 apps, including current 5 star Piazza app with over 100K users.

ID 219578

Rebecca Heineman

Founder Olde Skuul • Worked at @microsoft, @sony-computer-entertainment-america

ID 592752

Stephen Walther

Former member of the Microsoft ASP.NET team, author of best-selling book on ASP.NET, Microsoft Software Legend, founder of several successful startups

ID 173794

vance grkov

Founder Battery Maxer • Previously other startups, @microsoft, @symantec • Studied at @university-of-washington, @hawaii-pacific-university

ID 111976

Jeff Pajor

Make of Fine Software

ID 375435

Ben Sherman

ID 237394

Robert Lucero

Founder 502Software • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @uchicago

ID 148568

Steve Lamb

ID 99726

Roy Williams

Software Developer at @google, worked at @microsoft and EA previously.

ID 400476

Matthew Weaver

Software Engineer in Seattle. Big Data/small data.

ID 459844

Rohan Lam

Strong software design and development skills, worked on high scale DB and BI systems, Windows Kernel, large mobile projects on iOS and Android at Microsoft

ID 229393

Tripp Parker

Co-founder of @nveloped • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @duke-university

ID 44232

Jeremy Elliott


Was in Eng. Management: @coderbuddy, @tivo, @iPIX & @macrovision. Was Programmer+Architect: @tippr, @sensage, @E*Trade, & @bamboo-com [IPO and Acq. by IPiX]

ID 371877

Mike Leary

Data Scientist in Training, looking for growth opportunities in statistical analysis and big data

ID 131052

Ben Demboski

I'm addicted to solving difficult problems, learning technologies, working with people, and managing projects -- probably why I love and excel in startups!

ID 99071

Brett Robinson

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur

ID 592874

Dan Suski

Full stack marketer and developer

ID 735151

ankur shah delight

Stanford Math/CS, Back-end experience, loves math, experience with startups and research, plays well with other children.

ID 154194

Bryan Smith

Experienced full stack generalist/polyglot engineer and technical product manager focused on http-delivered user experiences in areas of emerging technologies, incubation and startups. UW MBA 2010.

ID 577658

Jamie Eisenhart

Senior developer at Amazon. Technical owner of the Docs app. 13 years of industry experience at Amazon and Microsoft. Ph.D. UCSD 2000.

ID 144577

Rishav Bhowmick

Worked at @carnegie-mellon-university-2, @ge • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, University of Michigan

ID 582016

Dedian Guo

Work at Microsoft, Backend Infrastructure, Test Frameworks, Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing, large scale distributed system

ID 302027

Michael Strand

5 yrs biz consulting @ Arthur Andersen. 10 years enterprise IT @ Microsoft. MBA @ Carnegie Mellon. Now I code in Rails + iOS.

ID 142960

Clarke Rahrig

Founder @book512 & @bedj • ECE undergrad @university-of-texas-at-austin-1 • Student Entrepreneur • Passion for learning, building and technology

ID 724559

Deepesh Nair

An accomplished software engineering leader with 10+ years of industry experience with over 7 years’ experience in managing engineering teams.

ID 66123

Sunitha Kumar

CEO of @laughing-buddha-games. Software industry veteran (EA, @microsoft, PopCap Games). 1st @microsoft Bizspark startup!

ID 27069

Doug Headley

The unlikely combination of Jock & Nerd; like two guns drawn, John Woo style!

ID 136397

Michael Moran

Co-founder at @graphdat, coding for 20 years, building teams, leading teams, of the last 3 companies, 2 were acquired.

ID 335862

Satyajit Malugu

Multi lingual, test automation specialist, worked at Microsoft

ID 717695

Jorgen Johnson

Cofounded Lish (2014) Senior Software Development Engineer at (9 years)

ID 232777

Jenny Hu

ID 137757

Choong Ng

Code + product development.

ID 179805

Wade Curtiss

Worked at @microsoft, @nsa • Studied at @College Park

ID 601446

Mihir Shah

Cornell MBA. Technology Evangelist. eCommerce business professional. Worked at Amazon, Google, IBM. Entrepreneur.

ID 183372

Chris Hawkins

Worked at @microsoft, • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 301364

Matt Gamboa

Entrepreneur and tech savvy mobile development professional. Founded ModBox, Co-Founded QThru. Trying to make life better all around.

ID 323914

Ken McGrady

Computer Science Nerd with passion for mobile products in education. Worked at Hulu, Pixar, and Intuit

ID 234764

Matt Hainje

MS Office dev: Outlook app, app and org performance tools/testing, lead experience, deep experience with MS dev tools/technologies

ID 593633

Constance Duong

ID 51339

Duane King

Owner of DFK International LLC. Multiple companies started. Worked at @microsoft, Attachmate, Others. Has experience in Financial Engineering, Angel, etc.

ID 212085

Mohamed Rafiq

Founder of Winfosys Technologies, Experienced Technology Executive, Entrepreneur, Google+ Evangelist.

ID 288218

Myyk Seok

Carnegie Mellon, Scala lover, back-end rockstar, former kindle team, open-source enthusiast, play framework, akka

ID 165520

William Hoang

Worked at @microsoft, @blackberry, Studied at @McGill- University

ID 132822

Joshua Brokaw

Xbox 360 Developer. Entrepreneur. Bass player. Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble karaoke impersonator. Mensan. Fitness and health tracker.

ID 344747

Chris Li

Co-Founder @artemek-technologies • Worked at @apple, @ebay • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 198841

Facundo N.

Worked at @likewise-software, @gamehouse

ID 704885

Mike Perkowitz

Data Scientist, CTO, Research Leader, Product Visionary

ID 359901

Don Wellington

ID 469288

Marcelo Maidana

Head of Technology/CTO, entrepreneur, Worked at Yahoo

ID 162633

Duane King

Entrepreneurial Code Monkey and Polymath. Founder @buildcents-international, @dfk-international-llc • Worked at @microsoft @attachmate and more.

ID 420712

David Pierce

I'm project manager and software engineer with a passion for making people's lives easier through great experiences on the web.

ID 383387

Evan Kutter

Stanford CS, worked at Microsoft as a PM on SkyDrive. Looking to make life more efficient, cleaner, frugal - not just sell widgets.

ID 175020

Ed Paradis

Odd job engineer for entire career. Worked at CMU. Started a hackerspace in Dallas. Started a robotics team in college. Game developer, roboticist, founder

ID 137667

Mike Hoak

ID 565168


Strong Analytical background (Berkeley Postdoc in OR, USC PhD in EE), Strong Business and client interaction skills (Accenture Associate Manager)

ID 588125

Matt Merkes

Full-stack JavaScript Developer, team player, track record of workplace success, fast learner

ID 487280

Gianting Yeh

University of Michigan BA EE, Johns Hopkins MS CS, Worked at Microsoft as a Program Manager

ID 191669

Alex Baldwin

Business and technology consultant with software engineering experience. Finance background (hedge funds, investment bank). University of Chicago MBA.

ID 359836

Benjamin Skrainka

Computational Economist / Data Science

ID 60113

Brian Finney

Mad Technologist

ID 547036

Elizabeth Coffin

Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Co-Founded TSP Systems, then moved on to Amazon. 16+ Years building software and leading teams.

ID 370937

Edan Krolewicz

Studied Finance and CS at M.I.T, Program Manager at Microsoft.

ID 180960

Saeid Fard

Full-stack (django/JS/HTML/CSS) product guy with deep analytics and strategy background. I enjoy leading teams to build beautiful, usable, and useful products.

ID 190519

Solomon English

Full stack developer with 3 published ios apps and a long history of shipping high scale and high visibility products for MySpace, Vevo, Microsoft and others.

ID 343770

Meredith Underell

Front end developer & designer in AngularJS, JavaScript, HTM5 & CSS3. Ladies Learning Code Chapter Lead and Co-Founder of Vancouver Code & Coffee.

ID 168460

John Bito

Technology leader, developer and architect for Java, Ruby and database systems.

ID 484952

Jennifer Curtis

Freelance strategist/analyst/PM. Multi-industry experience (Microsoft, General Electric, Levi Strauss, Frost & Sullivan, health care). Yale School of Mgmt MBA.

ID 427095

Eric Yuan

MS ECE student at CMU focused in embedded systems; Worked at Mobile Power Lab and GE Healthcare; Worked on many embedded system projects

ID 517233

Tao Feng

Full stack engineer, work at Amazon

ID 211691

Sreekumar Chandra

QA leader in software testing.

ID 83695

Ayman Al-Abdullah

Ex Libris

ID 478226

Robert Straavaldson

Senior Engineer with Microsoft Office with 14 years of experience shipping both client and server code.

ID 343505

Billy Shih

Rails/iOS developer with experience in start-ups, product development, marketing and non-profit

ID 653751

Ed Smilde

SDET at Microsoft, attended Notre Dame's ESTEEM (masters in engineering and entrepreneurship program)

ID 538220

Dan Sargent

Entrepreneurial & user-focused, with deep experience in product management, project management & development at both fast paced startups & larger organizations.

ID 626192

Steve Ottenad

Full-stack generalist, looking to dig deep into front-end technologies

ID 608104

Javier Sanchez

You don't need to be the best; just do your best.

ID 352451

Garrett Kocher

Passionate about products. Managed and redeveloped a product development process for silicone materials.

ID 2332

nandesh guru

Grad. Student at UW Computational Linguistic; Currently work at Bing on front-end team;

ID 554357

Nate Dire

Early employee at two Seattle startups. Flexible and practical lead software engineer with deep systems experience. UW CS Masters.

ID 74496

Phuoc Do

Software entrepreneur. Co-founder of Vida Lab. Previously, software engineer at Mozy, EMC building peta-byte level cloud storage.

ID 318744

Jeff Simon

20 year Microsoft and startup veteran with deep cross-discipline experience.

ID 386927

Lee Gates

Multidiscipline software and cloud executive focused on disruptive solutions.

ID 666829

Jared Kunz

Solution architect 10+ years of IT experience including software engineering (e.g. Object-Oriented, SQL, XML), data modeling (e.g. relational, semantic).

ID 550244

Nicholas Case

Ruby on Rails web developer. Strong interest in learning new technologies; Taught Rails as TA @codefellows; Interested in relocating to SF Bay Area

ID 580691

Josh Brown

Leading people and teams to turn big ideas into valuable experiences.

ID 757177

Justin Yan

Engineer with deep interest in designing scalable data systems and leveraging that data with machine learning techniques.

ID 206489

Michael Devellano

We help startups with strategy, design, development and launch of mobile and cloud apps

ID 46284

Ben Ferris

Founder of @cobaltpm

ID 450184

Jeff Meyerson

Computer Science BS from UT; wrote Escrow, a social betting web app; wrote MoonStocks on Android Play Store

ID 461559

Thanh Huynh

Seattle Based Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 116623

Dana Donovick

ID 514802

Mike Taylor

Ruby on Rails web developer, ArcGIS mapping, SQL, and Civil Engineering background.

ID 582178

Bindi Zhang

USC CS Master Degree with 4.0/4.0 GPA, full stack software engineer

ID 426519

Matt Kalinowski

Founder @thesquatrack • Worked at @intel • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 568040

Sunil Garg

SDE at @amazon • Previously at @intel, @pelago • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-washington

ID 759810

Yoshihito Takashima

UPENN CS and Math; Extensive experience in mobile development; Working at Microsoft.

ID 114364

Srujan Jonnadula

Embedded Software Developer

ID 516748

Arpitha Dhanapathi

Tuck MBA; IS undergrad from BITS-Pilani, India; Worked at Microsoft; Looking to be a proactive juggler in start-up space

ID 157250

Omar Zia Khan

Worked at @microsoft, @in-the-chat-communications • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 523446

Seth Friedman

Co-Founder of @knotacle. @vanderbilt-university Alum. Starting at @amazon in August 2014.

ID 455005


Hypr helps shape and create ideas though designing and developing applications and advertising campaigns that kick serious app! Profile information of Jake Miller

ID 679079

Ejiro Akporobaro

Full stack generalist; Launched 2 successful Android app with over 4.6 rating; Worked at Disney for over 7 years as a Software Engineer.

ID 624261

Eric Farr

Full-Stack LAMP developer - 4 years experience in front-end, and 2 server-side, mostly PHP with plenty of Drupal. Beer brewer, dog lover.

ID 499276

Rahul Lalmalani

Product strategy and experience design. Mobile and web development

ID 294538

Salil Navgire

Data Scientist at @rank-style , Machine learning and Natural Language Processing Enthusiast, studied at @nyu

ID 512504

Peter Kalmakis

Brown CS. Xbox client and service: Xbox LIVE (social scalable/distributed services), Xbox One (native C++ data platform)

ID 762031

John DeRosa

I am fierce. I code to Tubular Bells because it's tubular. I never finish anyth

ID 452312

Michael Cook

Founder @careerflo • Worked at @microsoft, @amazon • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 452036

Allan Wetter

Founder @careerflo Previously Senior Program Manager at Microsoft account, Microsoft's online consumer identity platform

ID 458860

Phil Worthington

Web Developer. Design Developer at @microsoft. Platform Developer at @showqase.

ID 451066

Sammy Jelin

Founder Check Please • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university • CS/Math Double Major

ID 239589

Aradhana Singh

NCSU CS, C, C++, Cloud, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2012

ID 228593

Chad Edge

Senior developer (LAMP stack), front of the house, back of the house, hostess and all!

ID 441483

Alexander Titus

Software technology professional, technical consultant, research professional, developer, adventurer

ID 542623

Dylan Grant

Code Fellows grad, full stack with 3 launched web apps, looking to continue learning in my career

ID 403503

Strom Lee

Berkeley EECS, full-stack web developer, interest in UX/UI and product development, former CTO with extensive startup experience

ID 77046

Brady Horenstein

Co-Founder of @filenile. Founder & President of LobbyGov, Inc. An attorney with a strong government relations background. 12+ years of web dev experience.

ID 467694

Drew A. Spencer

Currently looking/investing (VP/CTO); Worked at Microsoft, CTO/VP Engineering at Caldera (IPO), Novell.

ID 428572

Nick Robin

PhD in Pharmacology from UW, Interned at Paul Allen Institute for Brain Science, Founded Kinobus web-based biology data visualization

ID 217804

Kyungdahm Yun

Software engineer interested in FinTech; worked on GIS; studied AR/HCI.

ID 477760

Wissam Tabbara

ID 420335

Ashish Chawla


Entrepreneurial, results-driven with 12+ years in high-tech leadership, driving re-engineering initiatives and process improvements to drive revenue and efficiency.

ID 748536

Jason Lau

ID 685348

Pranav Dobhal

Carnegie Mellon grad student, 5 years Business Intelligence experience, Currently interested in machine learning and data science using Python.

ID 466566

Natarajan Subbiah

Computer science, Program Manager with a penchant for Data Analytics.. Co Founder of

ID 38226

Peter Newell

Technology loving entrepreneur, dad, mystic, using my background in custom software development to make this world a more connected and loving place.

ID 293542

Girish Rao

engineering at amazon. previously early stage builder at startups sense networks (acq by yp), appinions. columbia grad.

ID 664878

Phuc Ton Nguyen

Berkeley CS, full stack.

ID 387617

Becky Taylor

Interactive Media Marketing Specialist. Worked for Tencent and Amazon.

ID 495843

Grace Day Tate

University of Washington Computer Science Student

ID 250052

John McDonnell

Finishing up a PhD at NYU's Computational Cognition lab looking at how Bayesian statistical models do (and don't) reflect how people learn and reason.

ID 384096

Janet Abney Hollier

University of Washington CS; Android accessible mobile app development; web development in HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/MySQL

ID 475281

Jon Friese

Web Developer

ID 305196

Bob Scheld

VP Engineering @sporcle. Manager at Adobe and Sr. Developer at Adobe spinoff PictureIQ. CMU EE 1985

ID 643456

Paul Gelbach

Recently graduated from Seattle University with a B.S. in Mathematics. Background in Python, C++, SQL.

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