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ID 516585

Ilke Kaya

Sr. Product Manager at Hulu, focusing on personalization & recommendations. Previously worked on Cortana, Xbox One and Bing.

ID 748536

Jason Lau

ID 646450

Munira Miyazi

ID 370937

Edan Krolewicz

Studied Finance and CS at M.I.T, Program Manager at Microsoft.

ID 514262

Tyler M. Fields

Demand gen expert, experienced developing and marketing SaaS solutions and acquiring and converting new customers. Worked at @ibm, @autodesk and @evault.

ID 593038

Jessica Glago

Co-Founder Wholesome • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @dartmouth-college

ID 109294

Peter Chang

Co-Founder @boxtiq; founded @gopixel; ex @microsoft Bing PM; 7yrs owning ecommerce, international trade, and retail businesses. @university-of-chicago-1 alum

ID 213531

Nate Martin

7 year Microsoft veteran as both Program Manager and Software Design Engineer. Co-founded a couple startups. Building weird dreams.

ID 242408

Sharon Bolding, PhD

Worked at MS, Motorola, several Seattle startups (Byndl, Cozi, Atigeo, Omni Retail Group) Co-founder Product Manager for mobile and analytics.

ID 717769

Efrain-Peter Camacho

Michigan Engineering Graduate with honors. Work experience with advanced design and project management with Boeing and Cummins

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