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ID 160109

Matt Bentley

Founder, formerly CEO at @sedo-com • Studied at @stanford-university, @kedge-business-school

ID 9282

David O'Neill

CEO&Founder Viafo, social API management, previous big ticket global sales/biz dev guru in mobile sector at Symphony Teleca, AYG first mobile lab 1999.

ID 26795

Brenton Webster

15+ years experience in tech and events. Founder & CEO FastBar. Former Architect at MSFT. Built 2 companies: Shindigg and Bonza Bash Productions.

ID 528878

Bryan Copley

Founder/CEO @ Rebls. Serial entrepreneur. Passionate believer in tech, people, empowerment. Happy husband, father of 3.

ID 34263

Bob Thordarson


CEO/Founder BluCapp, Inc, CEO/Founder Beaker Media, Board of Directors Cloudward, Co-Founder at Cequint, Inc., @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Birthing of Giants Entrepreneurship Program

ID 315817

Kenji Obata

Founder & CEO @spoon-net-1 • Ph.D., Computer Science @university-of-california-berkeley • B.Sc., Computer Science and Mathematics at @yale-university • Former Development Lead at @microsoft

ID 669775

Becket S. Dillard

Founder OnFave

ID 649694

Mitchell London


founded ConnectSoft (sold '96; Nasdaq exit); founded Venture Foundry incubator, founded Astrobotic Technology, founded Headroom. EE/CompSci Carnegie Mellon

ID 28140

Leigh Fatzinger


Software and technology M&A and fundraising advisory for mid-market investment bank Desilva+Phillips. Previously founder & CEO of Nology Media and Prosodic.

ID 656370

Sherwyn Soff

ID 213531

Nate Martin

7 year Microsoft veteran as both Program Manager and Software Design Engineer. Co-founded a couple startups. Building weird dreams.

ID 137787

Matt Kowalczyk


Former CEO of Leviathan Security Technologies. CEO/Co-Founder of 6 additional startups. Former mgr of TabletPC team at @microsoft. Mobile guy from CMU.

ID 8849

Buntu Redempter

Founder @solvr-bz

ID 686516

Yen Tung


I am the founder and CEO of Sentri. MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

ID 652996

Adam Dreiblatt

Founder Joblie • Studied at @middlebury-college, @fuqua-school-of-business, grew last business to $20M in B2B product/services revenue.

ID 553700

Buddy Waddington

Marketing Strategist. Built startup marketing firm, SUM. Then moved on to develop mobile ad startup, Madison. World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

ID 354758

James Gwertzman


Founder & CEO @PlayFab. Sold @SproutGames to @popcap-games. Founded PopCap Asia. Led #HourOfCode for @CodeOrg. A.B. Harvard CS. 15 yrs game industry experience.

ID 89763

Kyle Schei

Keeping Things Organized

ID 561627

Marian Dusan


Founder @luly-inc, @luly-inc • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 136889

Bob Berry

CEO, Uber Entertainment. High school dropout invited to do a PhD in Japan. Running companies and making software since age 15.

ID 638366

Garyn Angel


Founder @g-angel-associates-inc, @magicalbutter-com • Studied at @university-of-south-florida, @florida-state-university

ID 260907

Ron Davis

Founder Tenacity Health • Worked at @chicago-title-ticor-heritage-fnt-lawyers-fnf • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @university-of-oregon

ID 38400

Craig Tadlock

Hands-on technology entrepreneur with 17+ years experience building technology products and companies. Founder of GoToTags.

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