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ID 7865

Bryan Starbuck

VP of Engineering and owner, GeekHQ, Inc. Serial entrepreneur with a former exist. Former CEO & Founder. Strong technical and business background.

ID 30620

Anthony Carroll

Co-founder + CTO, @spotsi. Spend my time with @project-529. Spent last decade in startups.

ID 118631

Leon-Gerard Vandenberg


Founder @tda-tech • Worked at @idealab, @airwave-wireless • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @carleton-university

ID 656370

Sherwyn Soff

ID 171684

Jay Barker

Based in @berlin. Delivering software platforms and web innovation for 10+ years.

ID 696305

Jeanine Johnson

ID 38400

Craig Tadlock

Hands-on technology entrepreneur with 17+ years experience building technology products and companies. Founder of GoToTags.

ID 669775

Becket S. Dillard

Founder OnFave

ID 72042

Bruno Botvinik

Successful entrepreneur & accomplished technologist. Currently CTO & co-founder @squarehub Co-founded @bookiejar Founded MotionBridge and sold to Microsoft

ID 566085

John Roper

Veteran of 6 start-ups. CTO at Lighter Capital

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