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ID 120869

Brad Bouse


UX & Product. Worked at @yammer, @geni Went to @university-of-southern-california CNTV and @ucla. Invests a little.

ID 137787

Matt Kowalczyk


Former CEO of Leviathan Security Technologies. CEO/Co-Founder of 6 additional startups. Former mgr of TabletPC team at @microsoft. Mobile guy from CMU.

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 316744

Saurabh Nangia

Founder TargetingMantra • Strong tech background • Machine Learning & Big Data enthusiast • MS at UIUC • BTech at IIT Guwahati • ex-Amazonian • 500Startups

ID 73126

Kevin Chiu

Looking for Co-founders. Worked at @google, @microsoft • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @columbia-university

ID 37008

Ben Huh


Founder @cheezburger, @circa • Studied at @northwestern-university. Allergic to cats.

ID 7310

Jaime Raczka

ID 423356

Brian Ma


Founder @weave, @decide-2 • Worked at @zillow, @microsoft • Double majored CS/EE at @university-of-washington

ID 118984

Nicholas Livingston

Co-Founder & CEO @honeit, Director of Global Recruiting @tubemogul, MBA @BerkeleyHass, Former Director of Talent Acquisition @mtv Networks / @viacom #HRTech

ID 64675

Rod Bauer

I excel in helping clients gain traction, earn customers, launch businesses and products, and communicate with influencers, investors, users, and the press.

ID 22400

William Guttman


Founder at Carnegie Innovations, powered by Carnegie Mellon. GP at TL Ventures, Saturn Partners, and TNCV. Chairman at Panopto, Acrobatiq, Axioma, Redzone.

ID 668062

Geoffrey Grauer


Founded inode technology (sold), Founded Pontiflex, Founded Crossboard Moble, Founded HAUS, Founded MiKiJio Arts (sold), Senior Engineer/Manager @ Amazon

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks. Founding Team, Growth Hacker @Tatcha Beauty. Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents & @bittybcosmetics.

ID 38400

Craig Tadlock

Hands-on technology entrepreneur with 17+ years experience building technology products and companies. Founder of GoToTags.

ID 209612

Will O'Brien


CEO @bitgo, a leader in Bitcoin security. Seasoned technology executive.

ID 81193

Nitin Agarwal


Founder & CEO at I also invest in startups.

ID 87513

Paul Ingalls

Co-Founder/CEO of @fanzo. Previously Co-Founder/CTO of @smilebox, and before that built RealArcade, the first App Store. B.S. C.S. Notre Dame, Summa Cum Laude

ID 7865

Bryan Starbuck

VP of Engineering and owner, GeekHQ, Inc. Serial entrepreneur with a former exist. Former CEO & Founder. Strong technical and business background.

ID 528878

Bryan Copley

Founder/CEO @ Rebls. Serial entrepreneur. Passionate believer in tech, people, empowerment. Happy husband, father of 3.

ID 150153

Braydon Batungbacal

Co-founder at SOMO.

ID 111093

Craig Brenner

CEO & Founder Tacii & @Take5 • Worked at @apple @microsoft @google @qualcomm @amazon • BSEE @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 490767

Paul Kwiatkowski

ID 499455

Salih Waritu

Founder @appstyr , @seenuu • Worked at @navex-global • Studied at @university-of-oregon

ID 530590

Keith Pickholz

Worked at @microsoft, @cme-group • Studied at @dartmouth-college, @tisch-school-of-the-arts

ID 513563

Katherine Chase

Acting Director, Creativity and Leadership @ Oberlin College and Conservatory. Business Development. Strategy.

ID 363646

Mamtha Banerjee

Founder @magikflix @InvestmentYogi; Worked in Tech Leadership roles at Travelocity

ID 561627

Marian Dusan


Founder @luly-inc, @luly-inc • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 136889

Bob Berry

CEO, Uber Entertainment. High school dropout invited to do a PhD in Japan. Running companies and making software since age 15.

ID 638366

Garyn Angel


Founder @g-angel-associates-inc, @magicalbutter-com • Studied at @university-of-south-florida, @florida-state-university

ID 656370

Sherwyn Soff

ID 699253

Adam Herscher

ID 315817

Kenji Obata

Founder & CEO @spoon-net-1 • Ph.D., Computer Science @university-of-california-berkeley • B.Sc., Computer Science and Mathematics at @yale-university • Former Development Lead at @microsoft

ID 8849

Buntu Redempter

Founder @solvr-bz

ID 686516

Yen Tung


I am the founder and CEO of Sentri. MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

ID 594571

Jen Baptist

Google+ mentor, social media content creator, photographer, community builder, intentional living leader, environmental geologist, mom, & jenuine friend ...

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