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ID 179635

Clinton Foy


Partner @CrossCut Ventures. Early stage VC. SQUARE ENIX former COO, GC, head of business development, mobile, social, online. Advisor, Investor, Friend.

ID 186952

Lex Liao


Founder and Managing Partner @New Highlands Ventures. Employee @microsoft; @bluecoat-inc | PhD @McGill

ID 81193

Nitin Agarwal


Founder & CEO at I also invest in startups.

ID 217184

Rebecca Kaden


Investor @maveron Consumer-tech obsessed. Believer that brand makes all the difference. Adventurer.

ID 22400

William Guttman


Founder at Carnegie Innovations, powered by Carnegie Mellon. GP at TL Ventures, Saturn Partners, and TNCV. Chairman at Panopto, Acrobatiq, Axioma, Redzone.

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