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ID 550244

Nicholas Case

Ruby on Rails web developer. Strong interest in learning new technologies; Taught Rails as TA @codefellows; Interested in relocating to SF Bay Area

ID 142135

Patrick Butler Monterde

Worked at @microsoft, @perkins-coie

ID 557540

Radosław Dembkowski

Backend software developer working at big data startup Sumo Logic.

ID 139151

Rahul Singh

Founder @distelli • Worked at @amazon, @aws • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 592136

Pete Albertson

Starter School alum and founder of TicketySplit. Passionate about live event ticketing, music, and sports, inside and outside the context of tech.

ID 213329

Trevor F. Smith

Worked at @captricity, @be-inc, and PARC

ID 228593

Chad Edge

Senior developer (LAMP stack), front of the house, back of the house, hostess and all!

ID 133398

Nick Barnwell

Interned at MS, Google, Podio. Inveterate hackathon attendee. Passionate about UX and the intersection of art, literature, and technology.

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