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ID 42676

David Neubert


Capital Markets Entreprenuer, Financial Commentator , Investor, U.S. Taxpayer

ID 24505

Matthew Shampine


Currently: VP of Business Development and Marketing at WeWork.

ID 12565

Dave Hanley

Founder, @banyan-branch

ID 286572

Eric Voskuil


Founded @beyondtrust and @desktopstandard (sold to @microsoft), Microsoft Princial Architect, US Navy F/18 pilot and Top Gun graduate, @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 32034

Ian Westberg

Founder of @dla-piper-s-venture-pipeline-group. Have been helping start-ups raise capital for 10+ years.

ID 44583

Ed Fassio

CEO of Itchy Metal Entertainment, a global entertainment company. Tech Veteran, Entrepreneur, Social Media & Music Enthusiast. Worked @ @apple, @microsoft & Adobe

ID 60255

Jason Fischel

Digital Media Executive current at @amazon Music

ID 15501

Todd Dean


Created a powerful collaborative environment for angel investors that translated into investments in over 125 companies nationally.

ID 102143

David Zhao


Founder @voxel @ZumoDrive (acquired by Motorola) • Investor @boatbound @sendhub @sinolending @freak-n-genius @cashbet

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